Weekly Workouts and Weight Update

I thought it might be fun to share my weekly workouts. You can get a proper look at me actually working out in the video at the end. The main reason for all this? To take the pressure off my joints and ease my pain as much as I can, added bonus – my clothes […]

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Actually, I Can!

Weight on Scales

  I’ve some exciting news on the health & fitness front.  I did an update post back in March and explained my injury and my inability to exercise.  I have overall improved what I’ve been eating but I’ve not really been losing any weight, just maintained my weight.  Which is fine but I’m not happy […]

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Exercise & Hair Dye Gone Very Wrong…

Vlune Cover Terrible Hair Dye

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my week off and I’ve been filling it full of fun things.  Although the latest adventure – attempting to strip my hair colour and apply fresh dye…well it didn’t go so well!

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