Weekly Workouts and Weight Update

I thought it might be fun to share my weekly workouts. You can get a proper look at me actually working out in the video at the end. The main reason for all this? To take the pressure off my joints and ease my pain as much as I can, added bonus – my clothes […]

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Body Positivity | My Experience

Honestly Aine

We’ve all read the articles and supported people that are helping raise awareness of all the different shapes and sizes of bodies out there and frankly this all rocks.  Seriously, I think this should keep happening and one day it will be the norm for every body type to feel at home in this world.

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Weight Loss Journey Update


So it’s been almost two months since we had a bit of an update!  This is all about both my mental and physical health, you can read the first post here – Strong Body, Strong Mind.  So how have I got on?  Well progress has been made thankfully! Although it’s slow going – they do […]

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Vlog | September Snippets

September Snippets

I’ve decided to start putting together monthly round up videos.  Life has become so busy and I’m not living the crazy lifestyle!  I’m still playing at the good life in the countryside, for which my mental health thanks me!  We also got to pop down to Brighton for the day, I may have gone off […]

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Strong Body, Strong Mind

I’ve mentioned way back in my Life Update post, that I had changed while away in Bali.  Well today, we’re talking about that – mental and physical health to be more precise, I want to work with my body in getting stronger on all fronts, my head and my body.  For years I have practiced […]

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Actually, I Can!

Weight on Scales

  I’ve some exciting news on the health & fitness front.  I did an update post back in March and explained my injury and my inability to exercise.  I have overall improved what I’ve been eating but I’ve not really been losing any weight, just maintained my weight.  Which is fine but I’m not happy […]

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Weight Loss Journey

Source I mentioned in my last post that I had definitely put on weight since my wedding, I noticed it in my clothes.  I still notice it to be honest.  I was gradually eating better and drinking more water but not putting in much effort and still having a bit too much chocolate and pizzas […]

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How goes my weight loss?! Quick update!

So time for another health and fitness update, you can check out my previous post here.  I went to the gym on Tuesday for my measurements update, I was a tad nervous, especially considering it was my hen party at the weekend….I may have consumed large amounts of cocktails but I did keep my food […]

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Health & Fitness Update!

Salad Lunch Time for a bit of an update on my health & fitness, generally where I’m at.  Doesn’t my lunch look tasty – I know I’m bias but it’s so colourful, it’s something I’ve been really enjoying.   I’ve managed to lose 9lbs over the past month or so and this is how I’ve […]

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First Session with Personal Trainer

source I thought I would share my first session with my personal trainer so if you were interested you might know what to expect and maybe be less intimidated by it all.  I say this because I was a tad intimidated.   On a side note I really like this image.  It is called The […]

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Weight Loss Apps!

I’ve been using a few apps recently to help me lose weight, I thought it might be useful to share them! MyFitnessPal First up is MyFitnessPal.  This has an app side and a website, so you’ve two locations to enter your daily food intake.  I’ve gradually got in the habit of putting all my food […]

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Time to sort my health out!

Image Source I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my health, it always takes that shock to kick me into action.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not massively unhealthy at all, in fact I’m in pretty good shape.  Well I was until recently.  I’ve let a lot of things slide in recent […]

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