Weekly Vlog 4: Visiting Brighton & Lifestyle Haul

Cover image for my weekly vlog - Brighton trip

I went back to Brighton with work. I’ve had this footage an age, but life got in the way ūüôā Delighted to finally have it edited and shareable! Some shopping may have occurred – yes, there is a mini haul at the end. Decided it might be wise to start gathering all things in one […]

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Weekly Vlog | Brighton to Ireland

Third Vlog May 2017

I’ve done it. ¬†I’ve officially left Brighton. ¬†I am no longer a resident there at all. ¬†Sad times! ¬†Although also incredibly exciting!!!! Yes all of those exclamation marks are necessary. ¬†So this week has been a bit of a manic one as you might imagine. ¬†We got the last of our injections, turns out the […]

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Weekly Vlog | Saying Goodbyes

Second weekly Vlog May 2017

Howdy! ¬†Another new weekly vlog is up. ¬†It’s been a royal mix this week. ¬†I’ve started to meet up with friends to start saying my goodbyes, it’s all been a bit surreal on that front to be honest. Annoyingly I was quite ill with my endometriosis this week, but I didn’t include much of that […]

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Weekly Vlog | Easter fun & packing up!

Third April Vlog 2017

Another weekly vlog for you! ¬†It’s been a fun one, with snippets from Easter fun – of course I still managed to get some exercise in…well a wee bit anyway! ¬†Especially with the mountain of chocolate I inhaled. ¬†I did love the Easter race, it was a shame I had work to do, otherwise I […]

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Weekly Vlog | The week of meetings & donuts!

Second April Vlog 2017

It’s been a rather mixed week if I’m honest! ¬†Work unsurprisingly took over – I’m working my backside off so I can ease up while I’m away. ¬†Although it did mean that I missed out on an excellent blogger event, with cocktails and nibbles! ¬†Gutted. ¬†Thankfully I made up for it a wee bit when […]

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Weekly Vlog | Travel Plans, Workouts & Getting Shit Done!

First April Vlog 2017

Shiny new weekly vlog. ¬†It’s been a bit exciting really! ¬†Ever since we booked our flights we’ve been gradually ticking off the list of things to sort. ¬†We are now the official holders of International Driver’s Permits…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I doubt I can do much harm on […]

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Weekly Vlog | Travel Announcement!

Weekly Vlog Travel Announcement

Another vlog, this is becoming a habit ūüėČ We have finally made some travel plans! So that’s a bit exciting, although some of you have already spotted the excitement on Instagram or on my Facebook page. ¬†I’m very excited about it all!!! I also had a busy time of it with work, I managed the […]

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Weekly Vlog | Freelancing Grind

Second March Vlog 17

This has been a busy week again, this time on the freelancing front, which I was grateful for as some serious catch up time was needed. ¬†I worked from Platf9rm and I’m quite enjoying the space. ¬†Definitely somewhere I’ll enjoy working from over the next month.

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Weekly Vlog | Latest In Beauty laughs & new L’Oreal Pro hair!

March Weekly Vlog

So I thought I’d show you what my week looks like when I’ve lots on. It’s all a bit chaotic, but that’s no bad thing. ¬†It was all fun! I’ve shown you behind the scenes of keeping up with the freelance work, while attending blogger events up in London. I went along to the Latest […]

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Weekly Vlog | Multiple trips to London!

Fourth Feb Vlog 17

As you may have guessed I struggled this past week, just trying to get my work done nevermind doing all the extra stuff that I love – my Honestly Aine posts! ¬†I’m determined to correct this situation. ¬†So let’s have a quick catch up today.

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Weekly Vlog | London Fashion Week 2017

Weekly Vlog London Fashion Week 2017

So this week has been a bit amazing! ¬†The normal start with work and blogger post, it finished with a day at a YouTube Creators day, an invitation to see behind the scenes at Palmer Harding with Glo Ray¬†and finishing off with 60th birthday celebrations. ¬†All in all it’s been rather amazing to look back […]

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Weekly Vlog | Blogger chats, Public Speaking & Photoshoot

Weekly Vlog 2 February 2017

Check it out! Another weekly vlog, I’m actually regaining control of my time…well that’s what I tell myself anyway. ¬†Time for our weekly catch up, as you’ve probably guessed from my twitter and instagram¬†postings, it’s been fun, nerve wrecking and busy.

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Weekly Vlog | Decluttering & Parties

First Weekly Feb Vlog 2017

Shiny new weekly vlog! It’s been a wonderful, busy, fun week. ¬†I’d lots of client work on, which is a great thing and I’m slowly getting a wee bit more organised as I progress. ¬†I kicked off the week with a massive declutter of our bookshelves, ¬†actually getting rid of over 30 books! ¬†Which is […]

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Enjoying a festive market!

Christmas Market Vlog

A bit of a quiet one for you this week! ¬†I do get to show you around the Brighton Etsy Christmas Market to show of some of my favourite sellers. ¬†I may have mentioned most of them in this post – Etsy Delights | Gifts for all. ¬†You also get a sneak peek at what […]

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Hooray for Christmas!

christmas vlog 1 2016

It should really be hooray for a vlog! ¬†This is a wee bit overdue, let’s just say I had a bit of a discussion with Final Cut Pro…it didn’t go well. ¬†Things are back up and running, it just needed a time out. ¬†Thankfully I’ve all my footage still, so I get to share this […]

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First Frost

first frost

Shiny new weekly vlog. ¬†I captured a few wonderful moments from my week, even a trip to Scarlett Jewellery to have a sneak peek behind the scenes – I want to work in that studio, seriously. ¬†I’ve been trying out a different edit style, do you like it? ¬†

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Vlogtober weekly round up!

vlogtober weekly 1

Time for the first weekly round up of Vlogtober! ¬†Some of my favourite moments and what I’ve enjoyed about the week – yes falling down is in there. ¬†I thoroughly enjoyed having a look back over the week again.

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