Weekly Vlog 4: Visiting Brighton & Lifestyle Haul

Cover image for my weekly vlog - Brighton trip

I went back to Brighton with work. I’ve had this footage an age, but life got in the way ūüôā Delighted to finally have it edited and shareable! Some shopping may have occurred – yes, there is a mini haul at the end. Decided it might be wise to start gathering all things in one […]

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Vlog | September Snippets

September Snippets

I’ve decided to start putting together monthly round up videos.¬† Life has become so busy and I’m not living the crazy lifestyle!¬† I’m still playing at the good life in the countryside, for which my mental health thanks me!¬† We also got to pop down to Brighton for the day, I may have gone off […]

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Weekly Vlog | We Moved Out

First May Vlog

We made it! ¬†We’ve officially moved out. ¬†It’s been a frantic week of finishing up lots of odds & sods. ¬†A trip to London to collect our visas – which have been thankfully issued! 60 day Bali visas for the win! ¬†This was then followed by lots of packing and sorting and generally just getting […]

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Weekly Vlog | Easter fun & packing up!

Third April Vlog 2017

Another weekly vlog for you! ¬†It’s been a fun one, with snippets from Easter fun – of course I still managed to get some exercise in…well a wee bit anyway! ¬†Especially with the mountain of chocolate I inhaled. ¬†I did love the Easter race, it was a shame I had work to do, otherwise I […]

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Weekly Vlog | Multiple trips to London!

Fourth Feb Vlog 17

As you may have guessed I struggled this past week, just trying to get my work done nevermind doing all the extra stuff that I love – my Honestly Aine posts! ¬†I’m determined to correct this situation. ¬†So let’s have a quick catch up today.

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A glorious break in the countryside | Weekly Vlog

Country Adventures Vlog

Would you look at that, a shiny new wonderful vlog! ¬†I managed to escape for a few days to the West Country, or better known as Somerset. ¬†Some of you may remember the gloriously crazy Meg nut, my friend’s dog. ¬†She makes a comeback, to say that she was excited to see me would be […]

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Last week in work, twinkly lights, country walks & 2017

First Vlog of 2017

Hello lovely people! ¬†How are you doing? ¬†Welcome to 2017, I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the year. ¬†I am full to the brim with enthusiasm and I’m ready to take on the world frankly! ¬†I think because I gave myself time off over Christmas & New Years – in fact I even […]

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Why I Vlog

Why I Vlog

I was tagged by Sonja from The Shuiligans to do this. ¬†As some of you know I’ve been on youtube a lot longer than I’ve been in the blogging world. ¬† I’ve been at it for 4 years now in fact, I still cringe a bit at my early videos, but I’ve left them up. […]

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Blogosphere Christmas Fun

Blogosphere Christmas Party

Today I’ve a vlog from the weekend for you. ¬†I went along to the Blogosphere Christmas Party, which was rather fun. ¬†It was my first Christmas blogger event of the year! ¬†So it was a wee bit odd arriving to bobble earrings and Christmas tunes, although entirely perfect on a chilly afternoon. ¬†It was great […]

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Behind the Scenes

creating content

I thought it might be interesting to see what goes into creating a video and a blog post, so I created a wee bit of a behind the scenes video and put together some sort of list of what happens. ¬†It might help you out if you’re lacking an idea or two.

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Should I keep vlogging?? HELP!

vlogtober 26

I need some feedback on this one people, tell me your thoughts. The more honest the better! ¬†Do I aim for regular vlogs still, daily style, or rein it back in for a bit? ¬†I’m thinking more creative style videos too, I’ve had some ideas recently. ¬†I would just love some feedback either way, yay […]

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Vlogtober 22 Exciting chats

vlogtober day 22 2016

Bit of a chatty vlog today, plans are shifting and there’s lots going on. ¬†I sadly can’t quite talk about it now, but soon I promise. ¬†No doubt you’ll guess what is goes on from the chats anyway, you’re clever people.  

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Vlogtober 12 Car Crash

vlogtober 12 car crash

I know I would have normally posted the tag post – it’ll be up later in the week and another beauty post – I’ll make up for it next week. ¬†Thought it best to pop this up and wave! ¬†We’re both OK, the whiplash has practically vanished and the aches are less achy! ¬†We’re both […]

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Vlogtober 11 We found a cave!

vlogtober day 11 Cheddar Gorge

We got to enjoy a beautiful day at Cheddar Gorge.  We got our friend moved successfully, Meg appreciated the help.  We may have even spotted Stonehenge on the way to the West Country РSomerset direction.  We was a wonderful almost mini-break of sorts.  I hope you enjoy the visuals, the cliffs are utterly amazing.

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Vlogtober weekly round up!

vlogtober weekly 1

Time for the first weekly round up of Vlogtober! ¬†Some of my favourite moments and what I’ve enjoyed about the week – yes falling down is in there. ¬†I thoroughly enjoyed having a look back over the week again.

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Vlogtober 8 Lush Mayhem

vlogtober day 8

Another fun day in the life of a beauty blogger…yeah. ¬†Getting lots of work done followed by a fun evening at the Lush Christmas event. ¬†We may have been driven slightly batty by all the scents of Lush. ¬†It was lots of fun though. ¬†Did you know that Lyndsay has a channel now too! ¬†I […]

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