Venice in Autumn

Venice Cover

As we are starting to get ready to travel, I thought it might be nice to share some of our previous travels!  First up, Venice.  We visited Venice in October a few years ago and although I did take all of my pictures on our big camera, I seem to have lost the originals, so […]

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Wanderlust Tag

wanderlust tag married couple

Myself and Simon sat down to answer this tag, I thought as we’re getting read to travel, it would be wise to actually answer some travel questions!  Fun times!

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Vlogtober 12 Car Crash

vlogtober 12 car crash

I know I would have normally posted the tag post – it’ll be up later in the week and another beauty post – I’ll make up for it next week.  Thought it best to pop this up and wave!  We’re both OK, the whiplash has practically vanished and the aches are less achy!  We’re both […]

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Vlogtober 11 We found a cave!

vlogtober day 11 Cheddar Gorge

We got to enjoy a beautiful day at Cheddar Gorge.  We got our friend moved successfully, Meg appreciated the help.  We may have even spotted Stonehenge on the way to the West Country – Somerset direction.  We was a wonderful almost mini-break of sorts.  I hope you enjoy the visuals, the cliffs are utterly amazing.

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5 Tips to help you go to events alone

Going to Blogger Events Alone

This is something that is getting chatted about quite a bit recently, it is the season for blogger and youtuber events and lots of folks aren’t a fan of going by themselves.  To be fair, I didn’t used to be either, I may have even bailed on the odd one or two…I dreaded going alone, […]

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Is this even on?


As some of you know I recently went to Belfast to attend the Power of Video conference.  It was possibly one of the best impulse decisions I’ve ever made.  I went full of hope and looking for inspiration, I needed a change in my life.  I got all of this from this conference.  I also […]

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Visiting Ireland!

Visiting Ireland

So we’ve been off tripping around Ireland.  We managed to catch up with a good friend in Belfast, then off to Galway to see Siobhán – you’ve likely seen her already in our haul & make over video.  We’ve had so much craic and it’s been lovely seeing friends.  Of course we went to see […]

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Dancing Queen & Attack of the Killer Meg

Running Dog

It’s been an unsurprisingly hectic weekend, hence the lateness of this vlog, sorry about that!  I’d a weekend of competing, not getting to my bed until 3am…this is after being awake from 4.30am. What was that about!  I did manage to squeeze in an excellent walk, although it was incredibly windy.  Busy few days, normal […]

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Foggy much?!

Foggy Much

Check me out, shiny new mid-week vlog!  I know! I was vaguely surprised at myself being this organised too!  Anyway, it’s been a fun few days.  up to London through some serious fog, seriously, I thought Brighton had disappeared into the abyss.  I also got an a lovely beauty event at The Body Shop, I […]

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Q&A Part Two! Travels, YouTube Advice, Plans for 2016!


  Part two of the Q&A from last week!  This part we’re talking all about travel plans, YouTube advice for people just starting out, beauty product must haves and my plans for 2016!  As well as some ridiculous questions too obviously!  You can catch up on Part One, I had so much fun answering all […]

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We found Narnia!!!

Happy Husband

  Busy week of it.  Lots of exciting plans to fill you in on, some things I cannot wait to investigate!   Discussions with Frockadvisor, some freelance work joys & heading off to the British Open Championship competition!    Let me know if you want me to chat more about how I’m getting freelance work, […]

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Travelling Manicure!

I’m currently on a much needed week long snowboarding holiday.  For those of you that follow the vlog channel, you know I’ve an injury so I can’t really go snowboarding every day.  So I thought it would be wise to bring a few things to occupy myself – I have the normal things like books, […]

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What’s in my Travel Wash Bag?!

  As you may have guessed from previous posts, I’ve been off on my holidays!  It was a chilly holiday snowboarding, so I thought it would be fun to share what I brought with me.   So let’s start with shower stuff.  For shower gel I brought the last of my Caudalie The Des Vignes* […]

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Selfie Tag!

Serious Selfie Face…. I was tagged by Jerree from HelloJerree to do the Selfie Tag and it seems like a fun one to do on a Friday!   Question #1 What is your best physical feature? Question #2 If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go and why? Question #3 What do […]

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Time to Save Some Money! Our Goals & How We’ll Hit Them!

Saving Money (source) Recently I’ve come to realise that we (my husband and I), spend more money than we need to.  We want to go on the holiday of a lifetime to the Maldives as a very belated honeymoon.  Plus there are more travel plans in our future.  So time to sort out finances! Our […]

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My Travel Makeup Bag & What I Actually Used!

Travel Makeup Bag I don’t know about you but I tend to overpack when I travel, including bringing a tad too much makeup! So I thought it would be good to share my travel makeup bag with you and tell you what I actually ended up using, maybe you can make better decisions when you’re […]

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