Mindful Shopping

Everyone and their neighbour have become massively aware of the impact of plastic on the oceans and the world around us.  Hooray!  It means people are becoming much more aware of what they purchase.  I think though that how we spend our money should be much more thought out in all aspects.  Let me explain.

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The Ultimate Chocolatey Treat?

Paxton Chocolate Thins Close Up

After arriving back from our travels I was more than a bit excited to receive a parcel stuffed with lots of chocolate goodies from Paxton Chocolates*.  I’ve developed a bit of a sweet tooth of late, so to have a selection of various chocolates to try out, well you can imagine my delight…my mother in […]

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You gotta do the work

Why Not Me

Recently I’ve seen a lot of chat on various platforms and it’s all be a bit “grass is greener” sort of stuff.  People wondering why they’re not getting the brand deals, or aren’t getting invited to events, or their business isn’t doing as well as X.  So I thought I’d address it and maybe help […]

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