Beauty Empties, Hits & Misses

Empties Close Up 3 June 2018

It feels like forever and a day since I’ve gathered all my empties in one place, I started to remember why, the clutter!  Hence this post, I felt the need to declutter!  It’s been quite cathartic to finish up some of these products, they seem to have been lurking for far too long.

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October Favourites! Beauty & Life

L'Oreal Mega Gloss Protest Queen Close Up Favourites

I’m back with shiny new favourites, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!  I’ve some new and old..I feel like I should have something borrowed and blue too.  Shall we start with the beauty first?  Yes I think so.

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Nightstand essentials

Bedside Table

I’ve a few things I like to keep on hand when I’m getting ready for bed.  Let’s talk about the non beauty essentials first. Non beauty My kindle!  I’ve been inhaling all sorts of information lately, I’m currently reading “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How To Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World*” by […]

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Raspberry Lips

Raspberry Lip Products

I’m definitely going through a raspberry lip phase, it happens every summer.  Plus it goes well with my new hair!  I got one of the new DeLuxe Lip Lacquers from Collection in my Pegasus press day goody bag, I got the shade Raspberry Kisses.  I also picked up a L’Oreal Sexy Balm in Adventure.  Well it would […]

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Blogger Meet Up & Goody Bag

Blogger Meet Up

As you may have guessed from the title, I recently went a Brighton Blogger Meet up.  It was organised by Laura from Lola and behold – you should definitely check out her blog!  It was a wonderful event, so great to meet other local bloggers and some have us have even planned to catch up again […]

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Empties #6 The Big Cull

More Makeup Empties

As you can probably see, I’ve had a bit of a clear out.  I’d a lot of makeup I was just hoarding without actually using it, alongside lots of  nail polishes that had gone a bit funny.   So as that’s the case, let’s just get stuck in.  I’ve quite a few Barry M nail […]

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Empties #5

Beauty Empties

It’s been over two months since my last empties post, which surprised me a wee bit, but I’m rather proud of myself.  I’ve done some decluttering again!  Wee pat on the back there.  Let’s start in the bottom left shall we?  Excellent.  I’ve three Elegant Touch Express press on nails, 2 in Polished Black* and 1 […]

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October Favourites

October Beauty Favourites

I have to say October has been a hectic month and I am utterly delighted for it to draw to a close.  I enjoyed myself and definitely achieved some of my goals, but I’m looking forward to getting back to some sort of routine in November.  OK so favourites for the month?!  Almost every single […]

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Summer Nudes

Nude lipsticks lip gloss

As Summer is fast approaching I thought I’d gather together my current favourite nude lip products for Summer!  I’ve quite a few products, I did try and restrict myself to 10, but I’ve ended up grouping a few products that I either use together or interchangeable products.

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#LipGlam Lip Balm

lipglam lip balm

As you can see this is little tube of balm has quite a few uses, or at least those are the claims made my #LipGlam.  I was gifted this at the Bloggers London Fashion Week event and I’ve been testing it out since.

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April Favourites

This month has clearly been about the lips!  Probably because they were the most purchased…Anyway we shall start with those.

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Clarins Instant Light Vs No7 BB Lips, dupe?

Bit of a review and comparison of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector* in the shade 01 and the No7 BB Lips in the shade Blink Pink.   I’ve had the BB Lips for quite a few months but I’ve only recently acquired the Clarin Instant Light and I think I may have an accidental dupe!  So let’s […]

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Project Pan Update

Project Pan Update I realised I haven’t done an update on my project pan since August, I did do the Questionnaire tag but no update.  So let’s have a catch up! I have been using my No7 Beautiful Skin BB cream* on a regular basis and I am making some head way.  More effort is […]

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Makeup Inventory & Storage Update!

Inventory Check I did an initial makeup inventory about 4 months ago and as you can see in the picture I’ve been updating it.  So I did a recount of everything and thankfully some numbers have gone down…a few may have gone up too.  I also got some new drawers*, I’ve used most of them […]

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Project Pan Update!

Project Pan Time for a quick update on my Project Pan, you can see the previous update here. Project Pan Update Can you believe my 17 Barely There brown eyeshadow shade is still hanging on in there!?  I’ve been using it very regularly, it just refuses to end!  Maybe next month.  I’m not sure how […]

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Love Me Beauty May Review

Love Me Beauty May Review I managed to test out all the products from May’s Love Me Beauty subscription box.  I went with Edition 1 box in May, although mine seemed different than quite a few other people that had Edition 1.  I was really pleased with the selection! Love Me Beauty Let us start […]

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Love Me Beauty May Unboxing!

Love Me Beauty Box

Love Me Beauty Box Time for my Love Me Beauty Unboxing!  I was excited about this month’s box, although I seem to have got an odd box.  You’ll see when we get into it.

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Project 10 Pan Catch up!

Project 10 Pan It’s been a wee while since I’ve done any kind of update on my Project 10 Pan.  I have to admit that I’ve been a bit rubbish in using up the products this past month, I’ve been too busy playing with my more recent purchases. Project 10 Pan Catch Up I’ve decided […]

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