Finding MY Tribe

We’ve all heard it before. Your vibe attracts your tribe. What if you have a different vibe for every interest? Different tribes obviously!

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Weekly Vlog 4: Visiting Brighton & Lifestyle Haul

Cover image for my weekly vlog - Brighton trip

I went back to Brighton with work. I’ve had this footage an age, but life got in the way ūüôā Delighted to finally have it edited and shareable! Some shopping may have occurred – yes, there is a mini haul at the end. Decided it might be wise to start gathering all things in one […]

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Weekly Workouts and Weight Update

I thought it might be fun to share my weekly workouts. You can get a proper look at me actually working out in the video at the end. The main reason for all this? To take the pressure off my joints and ease my pain as much as I can, added bonus – my clothes […]

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Pier 39 San Francisco

Sea Lions

I thought it might be fun to share little snippets of our trip to San Francisco, I took a small mountain of photos, so you can pretend you were there too.  One of the more famous sights has to be the Pier 39 sea lions.  I visited them twice on my trip! There were so […]

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Change is Inevitable

Looking Over a Bridge

It happens. We change and grow as people, we change our minds, our style and our life choices. Change is the one thing that is inevitable. Is it just me, or is it much more pronounced and pressing as the seasons change? Maybe we’re just much more aware of it?

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Tuesday Chats| Another year older!

I’m still adjusting to the fact that I’m another year older, it’s been a few weeks, but seriously now.¬† Where has the year gone!

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Body Positivity | My Experience

Honestly Aine

We’ve all read the articles and supported people that are helping raise awareness of all the different shapes and sizes of bodies out there and frankly this all rocks.¬† Seriously, I think this should keep happening and one day it will be the norm for every body type to feel at home in this world.

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Tuesday Chats…On a Wednesday


This almost didn’t happen again this week.¬† The past few weeks have been buuuuusy.¬† Good but seriously, why do all the things decide to happen at once?¬† All the ebbs and flows.¬† Makes life interesting!¬† So what has been going on lately and what interesting life lessons have I skimmed from all the chaos?

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Tuesday Chats | Hedgehog Madness


It has been a big week folks!¬† The hedgehog we’ve been attempting to look after has finally accepted us!¬† We also celebrated 4 years of marriage.¬† So ya know, all the big things.

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Thursday Chats

Southwold Beach

I was recently catching up with Michelle from Life Outside London’s blog, in particular, her Wonderful Wednesday post.¬† I really enjoyed catching up on her life.¬† I have been doing monthly updates – but I’ve not done one since my May Monthly Catch Up.¬† So what’s my point?¬† Well, I’m going to start doing weekly […]

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Walking In Woods

It seems to have become the norm to talk about how stressed we are, how none of us have¬†the time to catch up…let me just check my¬†calendar for a month from now….how we’re overwhelmed by all the things we have to do.¬† Did you know over 500,000 people are suffering frorm work-related stress, depression or […]

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May Monthly Catch Up

Chatting with Belo

So May has been an awesome month.¬† Yes, the catch up is a bit late again…I doubt these will ever be on time, meh.¬† Shall we jump right in?

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March Monthly Catch Up!

Honestly Aine Sitting on The Bed

It’s been a while again.¬† I’m seriously struggling to find my¬†rhythm this year, well since the end of last year.¬† ¬†However, I am determined to figure this out…for now, let’s catch up on what’s been happening over the last few weeks!¬† I’ve been to Brighton with work, Somerset to see a friend and I¬†finally had […]

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Bullet Journal Plan With Me

Bujo Weekly Close Up

I’ve talked about my Bullet Journal before.¬† It’s very much all about function above form, I use my bullet journal for work, life and blog/youtube.¬† Also, I’m not particularly wonderful at making it pretty, or maybe I just don’t spend the time practising? Who knows?¬† Either way, I need a very functional bullet journal.

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Weight Loss Journey Update


So it’s been almost two months since we had a bit of an update!¬† This is all about both my mental and physical health, you can read the first post here – Strong Body, Strong Mind.¬† So how have I got on?¬† Well progress has been made thankfully! Although it’s slow going – they do […]

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Strong Body, Strong Mind

I’ve mentioned way back in my Life Update post, that I had changed while away in Bali. ¬†Well today, we’re talking about that – mental and physical health to be more precise, I want to work with my body in getting stronger on all fronts, my head and my body. ¬†For years I have practiced […]

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September Plan With Me | Bullet Journal

Howdy! ¬†I’ve been using a bullet journal now for a few months and I have picked up a few layouts that help me plan both my work and personal life, as well as plan out my youtube and blog content. ¬†So for those of you that need to keep a track of everything, I thought […]

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Holiday Reads

Books To read On Holiday

While we’ve been travelling, I’ve fallen back in love with reading. ¬†I used to read everyday, I’d entirely fallen out of the habit. ¬†It was rather nice to sit out on the balcony with beverage of choice – often a coffee or beer, reading and chilling out. ¬†I’ve all but one book in the picture, […]

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