10 Little Things That Make Me Happy!

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Lately I’ve been caught up in either work, moving out of the flat, or getting our travels organised.  This has meant my blogging has taken a bit of a side line…plus I feel like a bit of a whirling dervish, except much less graceful.  So I thought it would be nice to sit down, listen […]

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Hollywood Bowl Opening Night

Hollywood Bowl VIP Opening Night Brighton

Last Thursday I got invited along to the Opening night of the Hollywood Bowl in Brighton!  It was once upon a time the Bowlplex, which had definitely seen better days.  As I’m so utterly amazing at bowling *lies, all lies*, I went along with Holly from Closing Winter.  I’m so glad I went, we had […]

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Vlogtober 11 We found a cave!

vlogtober day 11 Cheddar Gorge

We got to enjoy a beautiful day at Cheddar Gorge.  We got our friend moved successfully, Meg appreciated the help.  We may have even spotted Stonehenge on the way to the West Country – Somerset direction.  We was a wonderful almost mini-break of sorts.  I hope you enjoy the visuals, the cliffs are utterly amazing.

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Shouldn’t be left unattended really!

SitC2016 Part Two

The second part of the Summer in the City 2016!  It was a bit of bedlam at points, so I’ve edited this vlog a bit differently.  Let me know what you think.  It was great to see some familiar faces again – Rachel and Sonja, both excellent Irish Youtubers.  Plus I got to meet a few […]

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YouTuber Madness

YouTuber Madness

I’ve been having a great time of it!  I’ve been all over the place of late.  I went to the Blogosphere Summer Party on Sunday, which just rocked.  It was great to meet other bloggers and have the chats, plus the tea & cake helped!  I ended the week at Summer in the City YouTuber […]

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Expos, Awards & All the Craic

Last July Vlog

Up and down to London quite a few times this week!  I went to the Big Blogger Expo, which was fun and I did manage to get a few snippets – I’ve a post coming on Tuesday showing all the bits I was gifted.  Then there was the Thirty Plus Awards!  A few friends were […]

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Brighton vlog July

It’s been a week stuffed to the gills with all the fun things.  I went to the first Brighton Girl editorial meeting, met loads of nice folks and talked about lots of the ideas.  Then it was off to a foodie evening with Yelp – review coming soon.  Of course I bumped into a few […]

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Good news everybody!

Good News

This week has been all about getting stuff done.  I had such a productive week, I may have lacked enough sleep to get me through the week… although in good news, I did it intact AND nobody died!  Massive win.  I got to hang out with the ever nutty Meg, that dog is the best […]

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A Week of Good Things

Brighton/London Vlog

It has been more than a little bit mental of late, which is no bad thing necessarily!  I had a wonderful trip up to London, you would’ve seen snippets and my shopping from the day in my Crown Brush & Vanity X Beauty Event & haul post, I’ve included more as always in the vlog. […]

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Visiting Ireland!

Visiting Ireland

So we’ve been off tripping around Ireland.  We managed to catch up with a good friend in Belfast, then off to Galway to see Siobhán – you’ve likely seen her already in our haul & make over video.  We’ve had so much craic and it’s been lovely seeing friends.  Of course we went to see […]

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He’s Infectious?

Brighton couple

   It’s been a good few days overall!  Although we’ve both picked up bugs at different times, I did manage to get myself some new shiny books.  I’ll be in better health in no time!  We’d a nice chilled Saturday morning, hard to beat a bit of faffing.  Did I also mention the epic sunrises, […]

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Climbing the walls

Climbing The Walls

  All the craic from Simon’s birthday celebrations, surprises that went wrong and climbing the actual walls.  The chill has finally hit Brighton, I think we might finally be getting Winter!

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Vlogmas #6 Possible Mouth Combustion!

Vlogmas 6

  It’s been a hectic few days!  We tested out some interesting dance moves…probably shouldn’t have recorded that!  Simon got excited about wasabi peas, can’t leave him unattended.  We also tested out a gluten free pizza recipe.  Fun times!

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Vlogmas #3 Seeing Double

Vlogmas 3

  Such fun!  We went to our first Christmas party of the season!  OK so I was a bit excited to get dressed up again.  I also managed to squeeze in some training, you can see I’ve a lot of work to do.  At least you can see the contrast between the ever graceful Eva […]

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The Craic & back training again!

Friends in pub

Bit of craic this week as life starts to return to some sort of normality..sort of anyway!  I’m back training again and I’ve popped in some snippets of my woeful Irish dancing, we all have to start (again) somewhere.  We did manage to have a few drinks with friends though 😉

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