Weekly Workouts and Weight Update

I thought it might be fun to share my weekly workouts. You can get a proper look at me actually working out in the video at the end. The main reason for all this? To take the pressure off my joints and ease my pain as much as I can, added bonus – my clothes […]

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Self Care When You’re Chronically Ill

Fun with friends

OK, so I’ve been thinking about writing this for about a month or so now, I think I’ve been putting it off as I’d have to admit my health has been getting worse.  Don’t panic, I’m grand mostly but also kinda not.

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April Monthly Catch up!

Magazines stack

I was sitting here having a think, realising I’d not done my monthly catch up!  About time really.  I honestly thought April was a quiet month, with not much happening…turns out I was wrong.  Lots went on, I just simply forgot!  I doubt I’m alone on this front, this is why I quite like doing these […]

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Best Hello Ever

Third April Vlog

Bit of an odd week, it started off so well!  Being super productive and all the things done.  I had the best hello ever from the rather epic Meg, I swear she’s partially our dog too…well I’ve decided anyway 🙂  I hope you enjoy this week’s vlog, even if it’s a touch late.

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Tuesday Chats, Endometriosis Awareness Week

Source I thought I’d chat about something a bit different this week.  It is currently Endometriosis Awareness week, it runs from the 2nd – 9th March.  I unfortunately have endometriosis, so raising awareness is something close to my heart.  Endometriosis seems to be a bit of a tmi topic, I feel however that we should […]

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Working From Home, A Day in The Life

Working From Home Morning! Only a week ago I was working from home, mostly due to illness.  I thought I would share “a day in the life of”, just to give you a glimpse.  Nothing depressing here, but I thought I could show you how I cope and how I actually manage to get some […]

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