Beauty Empties #7

Empties #7

I’m back with a whole heap of empty products, some I’ve talked about before, so of course I will like to those reviews as I go.  Shall we start with skin care?  Good.  I’ve another empty Garnier Micellar cleansing water*, of course I’ll repurchase.  I also finally used up my La Roche Posay Serozinc*, I […]

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Empties #6 The Big Cull

More Makeup Empties

As you can probably see, I’ve had a bit of a clear out.  I’d a lot of makeup I was just hoarding without actually using it, alongside lots of  nail polishes that had gone a bit funny.   So as that’s the case, let’s just get stuck in.  I’ve quite a few Barry M nail […]

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Empties #5

Beauty Empties

It’s been over two months since my last empties post, which surprised me a wee bit, but I’m rather proud of myself.  I’ve done some decluttering again!  Wee pat on the back there.  Let’s start in the bottom left shall we?  Excellent.  I’ve three Elegant Touch Express press on nails, 2 in Polished Black* and 1 […]

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Empties #4

Beauty Makeup and Skin Care Empties

Can you believe it’s time for another Empties?  I only realised this week I haven’t cleared out my beauty trash since the start of July!  Madness!  You can check out my previous post here to discover what I repurchased & what I never wanted to see again.  For now let’s get stuck in!

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Empties #3

Beauty Skin Care Empties

I honestly didn’t expect to be posting another Empties post so quickly – it’s been almost two months since the last post, I guess time has just flown by!  Plus I’ve been doing mini purges as I’ve gone along.  I’m no longer holding on to products that just don’t work for me!  Plus I’m making […]

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Empties #2

beauty empties, skincare, makeup, hair care

I’ve quite a few empty products this time, a bit more than my first empty post of the year.  Let’s start with skin care.  I have used up another Camomile Sumptuous cleansing butter* from The Body Shop, I’m already using another tub. I’m also already half way through another bottle of the Vichy Pureté Thermale […]

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2015 Empties #1

First empties post of 2015!  I’ve decided to do these less often and wait until I’ve enjoy products to share with you.  On that note, I do have quite a few things to share, so let’s get stuck in. Let’s start with the random shower type products. We finished a Baylis & Harding jojoba silk […]

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Beauty Empties!

Time to dig through my trash from December!  I’m actually proud of myself that I’ve finished up a few skin care items!  Go team! So shower stuff first! I finished up the Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of these, I ended up with build on my hair and scalp […]

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November Beauty Empties

Time for beauty empties!  It’s a mix between skin care, makeup, body care and perfume! Let’s start with skin care.  From Lacura I’m getting rid of the Daily Gel Cleanser and the Mattifying Moisturiser.  Neither of these worked for me, I have two other products from the line which work better, you can read the […]

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October Beauty Empties

October Beauty Empties As always, I have a mix of hair care, skin care and makeup.  I’ve left out the regular repeats, for example, empty cotton pads and shaving foam. Hair Care Empties Let’s start with hair care.  I have an almost empty Pantene Volume & Body conditioner*, I didn’t really enjoy this, it really […]

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September Beauty Empties!

September Empties! Another month has passed, so that can only mean one thing, more empties!  Let’s just dive right in. Beauty Empties Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. I have a Neal & Wolf Daily Cleansing Shampoo, I got this in a beauty box and I did really enjoy using it, it […]

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August Beauty Empties

Beauty Empties How proud am I, more makeup empties for the month of August!  I’m patting myself on the back anyway 🙂 Random Beauty Empties I’m going to start with the random beauty favourites, first up the hair dyes that I’ve been playing with.  Both are from Schwarzkopf Color XXL, the Ultra Brights is semi […]

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Project Pan August Update

Project Pan Update Time for an update on my Project Pan and you won’t believe it, I’ve actually finished off a few items!!  I know I was excited 🙂  You can check out last month’s post here if you want to see how far I’ve come with some of my items! Previous Pan Goodies So […]

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July Beauty Empties!

July Empties! Time for my July Empties!  Considering it’s been a busy month I’m surprised at how many beauty products I’ve used up! Body Care Let’s get the body & hair care out of the way first.  Finished up my Aussie Aussome Volume shampoo, this is a great shampoo for adding volume, especially when used […]

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June Empties

June Empty Beauty Products I’ve used up some hair care, skin care, body care and some other random beauty bits and pieces this month.  I’m getting better at using up my collection of samples! Body Care & Skin Care Empties I have a few moisturising beauty empties this month,  From Yardley I have the invigorating […]

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May Beauty Empties!

May Beauty Empties Time for my beauty empties from the month of May. Perfume, Makeup, Skin Care I’ve finished up my mac brush cleanser, excellent for cleaning sponges and spot cleaning my brushes, I’ve already repurchased this.  Finally finished up my Vera Wang Princess perfume, this is quite a sweet smelling perfume which is lovely […]

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April Empties

April Empties I’ve only a handful of items this month, but there are empty makeup items again! We finished up a SPAtopia dead sea body wash (it was a free gift with purchase).  This was fine, it wasn’t overly drying but it was only average, I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to purchase it. […]

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Mainly March Empties

March Empties Time to clear out the trash! These were mainly used up in the month of March and start of April.  Are you proud of me, I’ve grouped the products by type this time!  (I know I was pretty impressed with myself…). I’m going to start with the hair products in the top left. […]

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