5 Tips to transform your bedroom

With the leaves gradually starting to turn and the air growing cooler in the evening, it’s time to turn our face towards Autumn. Time to figure out how to make our homes feel cosy, warm and most definitely snuggly. I’ve been working on making our bedroom feel soft, warm and inviting. Perfect for curling up […]

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Tuesday Chats…On a Wednesday


This almost didn’t happen again this week.  The past few weeks have been buuuuusy.  Good but seriously, why do all the things decide to happen at once?  All the ebbs and flows.  Makes life interesting!  So what has been going on lately and what interesting life lessons have I skimmed from all the chaos?

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Bedroom Makeover

Well it’s about time! I’ve finally finished (for now) our bedroom makeover.  We’re currently staying at Simon’s home-place since we got back from Bali, saving for the next step.  That means we’re sleeping in Simon’s childhood bedroom and it hadn’t been touched since he was a teenager!  So it was a proper boys bedroom, there […]

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Ways to deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder

seasonal affective disorder

I know I’m not alone on this front, the joy of the darker weather and shorter days.  I find myself struggling to get out of bed, complete my to-do lists and generally just be human.  Please note, I am very aware of how serious this situation can get and if you need to speak to […]

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DIY tiny greenhouse & crumble

DIY greenhouse

  Bit of a busy week to be honest.  I spent a few of my lunches taking pictures for frockadvisor with friends.  Simon decided to make a tiny DIY greenhouse to try and help the flowers.  I managed to squeeze in some baking, the first apple crumble of the year, I’ve no doubt there will be […]

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DIY Wedding Album & Guest Book

DIY Wedding Album

As some of you may already know, I got married to my lovely husband just over a year ago!  I am only now getting around to putting some of our photographs in an album…better late than never 🙂  So this is how I did it.  I’ve also included a great idea for a guest book! […]

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DIY Autumn & Hallowe’en Candle Holders!

DIY Candle Holder Decorations I have attempted a few Autumnal/Fall and Hallowe’en candle holder decorations.  I like to reuse any glass candle holders and I thought this would be a great way to add a bit of Autumnal colour! What I used I bought majority of this from Tiger, but there are plenty of craft/art […]

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DIY Desk Space

Step Into My Office If like me, you’re short on space but are in desperate need of a desk to sit at, this could be the solution for you!  We live in a small one bed flat that is already a bit too full for my liking and I didn’t really want to add another […]

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