Weekly Vlog 4: Visiting Brighton & Lifestyle Haul

Cover image for my weekly vlog - Brighton trip

I went back to Brighton with work. I’ve had this footage an age, but life got in the way ūüôā Delighted to finally have it edited and shareable! Some shopping may have occurred – yes, there is a mini haul at the end. Decided it might be wise to start gathering all things in one […]

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Tuesday Chats | Hedgehog Madness


It has been a big week folks!¬† The hedgehog we’ve been attempting to look after has finally accepted us!¬† We also celebrated 4 years of marriage.¬† So ya know, all the big things.

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Weekly Vlog | Easter fun & packing up!

Third April Vlog 2017

Another weekly vlog for you! ¬†It’s been a fun one, with snippets from Easter fun – of course I still managed to get some exercise in…well a wee bit anyway! ¬†Especially with the mountain of chocolate I inhaled. ¬†I did love the Easter race, it was a shame I had work to do, otherwise I […]

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Weekly Vlog | Travel Announcement!

Weekly Vlog Travel Announcement

Another vlog, this is becoming a habit ūüėČ We have finally made some travel plans! So that’s a bit exciting, although some of you have already spotted the excitement on Instagram or on my Facebook page. ¬†I’m very excited about it all!!! I also had a busy time of it with work, I managed the […]

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Weekly Vlog | Decluttering & Parties

First Weekly Feb Vlog 2017

Shiny new weekly vlog! It’s been a wonderful, busy, fun week. ¬†I’d lots of client work on, which is a great thing and I’m slowly getting a wee bit more organised as I progress. ¬†I kicked off the week with a massive declutter of our bookshelves, ¬†actually getting rid of over 30 books! ¬†Which is […]

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Freelancing Behind the Scenes | Weekly Vlog

Freelancing Behind the Scenes Weekly Vlog

Another shiny new weekly vlog! ¬†So much fun this week. ¬†Some freelancing chats, unsurprisingly! ¬†I did thoroughly enjoy getting out for a massive walk along the coast and discovering something rather fun along my way. ¬†Discussing the highs & lows of the day to day life as a freelancer, it’s scary to say the least! […]

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Hooray for Christmas!

christmas vlog 1 2016

It should really be hooray for a vlog! ¬†This is a wee bit overdue, let’s just say I had a bit of a discussion with Final Cut Pro…it didn’t go well. ¬†Things are back up and running, it just needed a time out. ¬†Thankfully I’ve all my footage still, so I get to share this […]

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First Frost

first frost

Shiny new weekly vlog. ¬†I captured a few wonderful moments from my week, even a trip to Scarlett Jewellery to have a sneak peek behind the scenes – I want to work in that studio, seriously. ¬†I’ve been trying out a different edit style, do you like it? ¬†

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Vlogtober weekly round up!

vlogtober weekly 1

Time for the first weekly round up of Vlogtober! ¬†Some of my favourite moments and what I’ve enjoyed about the week – yes falling down is in there. ¬†I thoroughly enjoyed having a look back over the week again.

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Vlogtober 8 Lush Mayhem

vlogtober day 8

Another fun day in the life of a beauty blogger…yeah. ¬†Getting lots of work done followed by a fun evening at the Lush Christmas event. ¬†We may have been driven slightly batty by all the scents of Lush. ¬†It was lots of fun though. ¬†Did you know that Lyndsay has a channel now too! ¬†I […]

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Vlogtober Day 3! Mini Hallowe’en Decor

vlogtober day 3 2016

Day 3 of vlogtober! Whoop! ¬†May have picked up a wee bit of Hallowe’en goodness. Am I the only person that spells it Hallowe’en instead of Halloween. ¬†I swear that’s how I was taught when we were in primary school. ¬†It feels odd to spell it without the ‘. ¬†Aside from that it’s been a […]

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Vlogtober Day 1: Falling on my rear

vlogtober day 1

Look, look, look! First vlogtober video! How fancy am I right now?! I did manage to fall down twice, so ya know, good way to start vlogtober… Well at least it’s a bit different to all the other vlogs out there, probably being all nice and stuff. ¬†You do get to see some normal activity, […]

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Vlogtober is coming!!

vlogtober 2016 announcement

You’ve probably guessed from the title, I’m going to give vlogtober a whirl! ¬†What will this mean for the blog I hear you cry!? Will you get swamped with vlogs? ¬†Well hopefully not. ¬†I won’t post all of the vlogs here – so if you do want to keep up with vlogtober you need to […]

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Beautiful country walks & crazy dogs

Best dog toy ever

We had such a lovely few days. ¬†We went for a rather epic walk with the ever crazy Meg – she has a new greeting for us…such a loon. ¬†We also accidentally discovered her favourite toy ever, lots of chuckles ensued. Also possible discussions of doing vlogtober…what do we think? ¬†Interested? ¬†Let me know your […]

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Practically Superwoman

Practically Superwoman

It’s been a mad week of it. ¬†Trying to do all of the things really, which I did manage – quite proud of myself, especially considering I was in a fair amount of pain for all of it! ¬†Feeling like superwoman…well when I’m not feeling the need for a nap! ¬†Really fun week though, I […]

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Chap Olympia..and Pokemon Go

Chap Olympiad Vlog

I’ve a bit of a daily vlog for you here! ¬†To celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary Simon bought us tickets to the Chap Olympiad¬†up in London! ¬†So we went up for the day & stayed overnight. ¬†It was so much fun, there were lots of different “sporting” events, we decided Not Playing Tennis was our […]

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Good news everybody!

Good News

This week has been all about getting stuff done. ¬†I had such a productive week, I may have lacked enough sleep to get me through the week… although in good news, I did it intact AND nobody died! ¬†Massive win. ¬†I got to hang out with the ever nutty Meg, that dog is the best […]

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Getting Sh!t Done


Another wonderful week of it…or something. ¬†Had a rather wonderful BBQ and cake to celebrate a birthday, who doesn’t love a BBQ – it was our first of the year! ¬†I went to a software tester meetup, although good evening of good pizza, beer and great chats. ¬†We rounded out the week with repeated Meg […]

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