Change is Inevitable

Looking Over a Bridge

It happens. We change and grow as people, we change our minds, our style and our life choices. Change is the one thing that is inevitable. Is it just me, or is it much more pronounced and pressing as the seasons change? Maybe we’re just much more aware of it?

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If I Can, You Can!


After talking all about the fact that I was quitting my job and changing my career, I received lots of positive comments and well wishes.  I also received both messages and comments from people wishing that they could do the same.  So I thought I should help you realise, that you can totally do what […]

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I Quit!!!

I Quit

So I’ve made a rather exciting decision.  I have decided to quit my job!  I have given 6 weeks notice and I am quitting.  This is due to a few factors, but ultimately this is something I have been thinking about for quite some time.  If you watched my latest vlog, you’ll have seen that […]

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