Morning Skincare Routine 2017

Morning Skincare Routine Cover

I’ve been utterly loving my current skincare routine, so I thought I would share my morning routine to start.  I still intend doing a full review of some of these products soon.  I’ve also created a simple instructional video, which is at the bottom of this post.  It’s a wonderful way to wake up your […]

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Beauty Empties #7

Empties #7

I’m back with a whole heap of empty products, some I’ve talked about before, so of course I will like to those reviews as I go.  Shall we start with skin care?  Good.  I’ve another empty Garnier Micellar cleansing water*, of course I’ll repurchase.  I also finally used up my La Roche Posay Serozinc*, I […]

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Empties #6 The Big Cull

More Makeup Empties

As you can probably see, I’ve had a bit of a clear out.  I’d a lot of makeup I was just hoarding without actually using it, alongside lots of  nail polishes that had gone a bit funny.   So as that’s the case, let’s just get stuck in.  I’ve quite a few Barry M nail […]

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Empties #4

Beauty Makeup and Skin Care Empties

Can you believe it’s time for another Empties?  I only realised this week I haven’t cleared out my beauty trash since the start of July!  Madness!  You can check out my previous post here to discover what I repurchased & what I never wanted to see again.  For now let’s get stuck in!

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August High End & High Street Beauty Buys

Beauty Buys

It was my birthday in August, so I may have treated myself to the odd nice item this month and a tiny spurge.  Obviously because it was my birthday, while I was in Dublin  I did pick up a few items that you can’t pick up in the UK.    I repurchased my Botanics Cleansing […]

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High Street Beauty Buys

High Street Beauty Buys Haul Text

OK so I was going to do a single haul this month, but I may have got a little excited on my second shop, so I’ve split it and today you have the first half!  It’s mostly skin care this time!

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What’s in my Travel Wash Bag?!

  As you may have guessed from previous posts, I’ve been off on my holidays!  It was a chilly holiday snowboarding, so I thought it would be fun to share what I brought with me.   So let’s start with shower stuff.  For shower gel I brought the last of my Caudalie The Des Vignes* […]

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Evening Skin Care Routine!

Keeping with the skin care theme this week, it’s time for my updated evening skin care routine.  I’ve included lots of links to any reviews I’ve done on these products. I’ve been using the Super Facialist Brightening Cleansing Oil as my first cleanse, this is great for removing make up too.  Plus excellent for giving yourself […]

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Morning Skin Care Routine

My current morning skin care routine has a few staple products alongside some newer products that I’m testing out. I start off applying the Vichy Normaderm Deep cleansing purifying gel.  I’ve done a full review of it here, I’m a fan.  I apply it to dry skin before taking a damp face cloth to massaging […]

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Mini Haul & Life Update!

You  may have noticed my normal schedule has been a bit off lately, I’ve a quick update on what’s going on and my future schedule.  There may be a bit of disruption.  Aside from that I have a mini haul to share with you! A few skin care items & fashion.   Thanks for watching!

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November Beauty Empties

Time for beauty empties!  It’s a mix between skin care, makeup, body care and perfume! Let’s start with skin care.  From Lacura I’m getting rid of the Daily Gel Cleanser and the Mattifying Moisturiser.  Neither of these worked for me, I have two other products from the line which work better, you can read the […]

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My Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care So as you can see I use quite a few different products to look after my skin.  You probably guessed after reading my post on Too Much Exfoliating, that my skin has really dried out and it was generally not particularly happy! So lets dive in with Cleansers Winter Cleansers For morning […]

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Too Much Exfoliating!

Exfoliators So I  may have got a bit excited on the exfoliating front recently.  My skin wasn’t particularly happy at the start of the month, between being sick and not looking after my skin properly, I was having breakouts and all sorts.  In my genius I upped my use of chemical exfoliators.  Most of these […]

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January Empties

January Empties! So let’s get the candles out of the way.  I had a plain Vanilla candle from evolution in Brighton, it’s a beautiful smelling candle and I will repurchase.  From Glade I had a spiced apple & something candle, this made me sneeze a lot.  The scent was a tad over powering, I won’t […]

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Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner Review

Botanics Cleansing Toner I’ve had this for about 6 weeks now, I bought it at the same time as Botanics Cleansing Balm which I’ve already review here. I really do enjoy this product.  I like using this as part of my evening skin care routine after using my cleanser and before my serum and moisturiser. […]

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Botanics 97% Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm Review

So I’ve been testing out this little tub of goodness for about 6 weeks now and I have to admit that I actually do enjoy this product.  Not as much as my Emma Hardie cleansing balm, but this is not bad at all for a budget cleansing balm. This is quite a thick balm and […]

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Replacement Haul!

So as you know I’m still on my spending ban, I did however decide that I would buy replacements for any products I used up.  So these are the bits I decided to replace!   First up are the Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream, (£23 for 15ml), Origins GinZing Energy boosting moisturiser (£23 for 50ml) […]

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Review: Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream

What it says on about the cream: “This hydrating eye cream smoothes the appearance of fine lines and hydrates, with protective gingko. Anti-oxidant vitamins help protect for a younger looking eye contour.” I bought this a few months ago and initially I only used it a few times a week, then as time progressed […]

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