Why is it useful to have a mole ratio?

Mole ratios allow comparison of the amounts of any two materials in a balanced equation. Calculations can be made to predict how much product can be obtained from a given number of moles of reactant.

What is a mole ratio?

Mole Ratio: is a conversion factor between compounds in a chemical reaction, that is derived from the coefficients of the compounds in a balanced equation. The mole ratio is therefore used to convert between quantities of compounds in a chemical reaction.

How is mole ratio used in chemical calculations?

Mole ratios are used as a means of comparison of substances in a balanced chemical equation in order to determine amounts. How many moles of Hydrogen gas are necessary to react with 5 moles of Nitrogen. We can use conversion factors in a process called stoichiometry. Mole ratio provides a comparison to cancel units.

Why are coefficients used in mole ratios instead of subscripts?

Coefficients indicate how many of each compound is involved in a reaction (i.e. the number of moles of each compound).

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Which statement best describes a mole?

Which statement best describes a mole? It contains 6.02 x 10^23 particles of a given substance.

What is the mole ratio of hydrogen to oxygen?

The mole ratio of hydrogen and oxygen is 2:1.

What do molar mass and mole ratios have in common How are they different?

Because the molar mass of each element is different, the number of moles in each sample is different, and so the ratio of the number of atoms is different than if you used the ratio of the masses. …

What is the mole ratio oxygen to water?

The mole ratio between oxygen and water is 1:2.

Why must chemical equations be balanced before you can determine mole ratios?

The correct mole ratios of the reactants and products in a chemical equation are determined by the balanced equation. Therefore, the chemical equation must always be balanced before the mole ratios are used for calculations.

Why subscripts and coefficients are important to balancing a chemical reaction?

The subscripts are part of the formulas and once the formulas for the reactants and products are determined, the subscripts may not be changed. The coefficients indicate the number of each substance involved in the reaction and may be changed in order to balance the equation.

Why are coefficients used?

The coefficient tells us how many molecules of a given formula are present.

Which statement best explains the difference between coefficients and subscripts?

Explanation: The coefficient tells you how many molecules of that substance there is. The subscript tells you what the substance it. It tells you the the amount of each element there are in the molecule.

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