Is CO2 laser better than chemical peel?

Of the two, ablative (CO2 lasers such as Deka Tetra for CoolPeel) are more intense but also more effective. Chemical Peels use acidic solutions instead of lasers to get the job done. They have similar resurfacing power compared to lasers depending on the strength of the solution used.

What is better a chemical peel or co2 laser?

Laser generally delivers faster results than peels, with results showing in just three to five days. This is especially true when patients choose laser resurfacing to fade acne scars.

How long does co2 laser results last?

Clients will see results gradually continue to improve for months, with full results seen 3-6 months after treatment.

Are co2 laser results permanent?

Laser resurfacing does not have permanent results. Many people notice immediate results on their skin. This may continue to get better for up to a year. With changes to the skin because of aging, new wrinkles and expression lines appear.

How often should you do CO2 laser?

For most fractionated CO2 laser treatments, I typically recommend patients wait 6 to 12 months before considering another treatment. For Erbium treatments, most can be done as a series with 4-6 weeks between treatment sessions, although a longer waiting period should be used for more aggressive erbium treatments.

What is the most effective chemical peel?

The deep peel contains high concentrations of trichloroacetic acid, and it’s the most powerful of the chemical peels.

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