Frequent question: How much volume is a mole of water?

Plugging in the mass of 1 mole of water and its density gives you: Volume = 18 grams / 1 gram/mL. Volume = 18 mL.

How do you calculate volume from moles of water?

There are two steps:

  1. Multiply the volume by the density to get the mass.
  2. Divide the mass by the molar mass to get the number of moles.

How much volume is in a mole?

1 mol of any gas at STP has a volume of 22.4 L.

How many moles are in 1 ml of water?

We can thus say that for 1 ml of water the number of moles is $dfrac{1}{{18}}$. So, now we will use the unitary method to calculate the number of molecules present in $dfrac{1}{{18}}$ moles of water. So, we can conclude that in 1 ml of water the number of molecules present is $3.346 times {10^{22}}$.

What is the volume of h2o?

The volume of one water molecule is 2.99×10-23cm3 .

Can you swim in a mole of water?

While moles prefer to stay underground and dry, all moles can swim if the need arises.

What is meant by one mole of water?

Thus, for example, one mole of water (H2O) contains 6.02214076×1023 molecules, whose total mass is about 18.015 grams and the mean mass of one molecule of water is about 18.015 daltons, roughly a combined atomic mass number of 18. …

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How many liters are in a mole of liquid?

The equality of 1 mole = 22.4 L is the basis for the conversion factor.

What is the volume of 1 mole of gas at STP?

What is the volume of 1 mole of an ideal gas at STP (Standard Temperature and Pressure = 0 °C, 1 atm)? So, the volume of an ideal gas is 22.41 L/mol at STP. This, 22.4 L, is probably the most remembered and least useful number in chemistry.