Jane Iredale Lip Colour Review

Jane Iredale Lip Products

I was sent an awesome parcel a while ago from Jane Iredale, filled with sweets, shades and most importantly, lip products!

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Ready for the off!

Valentines Vlog

So we’re back vlogging!  Woot!  These are a few snippets from the last week or so, including a rather odd experience on Valentine’s Day!  May have also spoiled myself with a nice bit of pampering in Powder Beauty.  We got all ready to fly off too.  So all the things!

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Sleek Control Shine & Prime

I’ve had this little gem in my collection for a while, unopened.  It’s the Sleek Makeup Control Shine & Prime*.  This retails at £7.99 for 15ml.  I was lucky enough to get this as part of my goodie bag from the Bloggers Tea Party.  It had already made an appearance in my February Favourites and is […]

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Mini Haul & Life Update!

You  may have noticed my normal schedule has been a bit off lately, I’ve a quick update on what’s going on and my future schedule.  There may be a bit of disruption.  Aside from that I have a mini haul to share with you! A few skin care items & fashion.   Thanks for watching!

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Drugstore Princess Tag!

Drugstore Princess I saw this video by the ever lovely Maria Sparkle, I thought it would be a fun thing to do.  It’s the drugstore version of the Princess Tag that Tati did a few months ago. This tag, basically I pick my favourite products from each category. First up we have Foundation.  I’m a […]

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