Debt Free Diary – Part One

Looking at an empty purse

OK, back in September I had a meltdown over our finances. We were in fact £12,518 in debt. That could’ve contributed towards a house deposit. Hence the meltdown. OK, so I’ve talked in the past about working ourselves out of debt before, back in 2016 – Going Debt Free. We never actually managed to get […]

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Going Debt Free! What’s working?

Debt Free Update

Only a few months ago I made a post all about the joys of paying off debt and what we were doing to clear it.  So I thought I should share what has and hasn’t worked, as well as some wonderful bonuses.  I’d love to know if you’re going through this process, we can share […]

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Face the financial music

Financial Planning

Sometimes we can bury our head in the sand and ignore when we’ve gone off track a wee bit…maybe a wee bit too much.  Thank has been me in the last 3 months.  At the start of May I was quite pleased with myself,  I did a blog post all about it.   I had […]

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Blogger on a Budget! Getting Started

Time To Budget

So I’m back on track and back on the budgeting front!  I’ve been working towards being debt free for a while and although I’ve made a massive dent, I’ve been struggling this last two months.  I decided that to help me stay onboard, I would share my journey and some tips to help you!  Especially […]

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Run Away Budget

Everydollar budget

OK so I’ve been trying to plan a budget and manage my money better.  I’m winning in one sense and failing in another…as you can see from that lovely red text.  I did a bit of an update back in February and my debt was sitting at £4226.85, which is a fair whack in my opinion.  But […]

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Tuesday Chats, Debt Update!

Source So back in September when I said I was going to do monthly updates on how we were going to pay off our debt and save and all that stuff.  Well ya know…mmmm stuff So back in the post about saving money, I mentioned our holiday to the Maldives that we were saving for, unfortunately […]

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Tuesday Chats, Dealing with Redundancy

source For some reason this has taken me a few attempts to write.  I guess it can be quite a personal topic but I think it’s a valuable one to discuss. I got made redundant at the start of November 2014, not the best timing but there is never a good time to get fired […]

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Time to Save Some Money! Our Goals & How We’ll Hit Them!

Saving Money (source) Recently I’ve come to realise that we (my husband and I), spend more money than we need to.  We want to go on the holiday of a lifetime to the Maldives as a very belated honeymoon.  Plus there are more travel plans in our future.  So time to sort out finances! Our […]

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Oh I wish I had a money tree

Money tree You may or may not know, but I’m getting married in July.  Which is really very exciting! However, it’s a tad expensive to say the least.  I already have my dress and the bridesmaid dresses.  Photographer has been booked, venue booked, chapel booked.  So big stuff is sorted. You’ve probably seen my recent […]

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