Finding MY Tribe

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We’ve all heard it before. Your vibe attracts your tribe. What if you have a different vibe for every interest? Different tribes obviously!

In recent months I’ve been allowing myself to wander and delve into all manner of interests, without any restriction. I am so pleased I did. Time for a whistle-stop catch up on things.

Interesting interests?

We know by now I’ve been knitting, crocheting and sewing since I moved to the country. I’ve even been running a YouTube channel with Stuart from The Woolpatch – it’s so much fun to do.

I’m also into crafting in general, junky journals are all the fun. Climbing – you’ve likely spotted on my Instagram (I’ve set up a fitness Instagram now too, who am I?) and YouTube vlogs. I’m also training to be a yoga teacher! I’m already running weekly classes which are awesome frankly.

So I have a tribe for all those things, I get to spend time with different people sharing a love for that thing, as well as chatting about life in general.


Suffolk Bloggers meetup in Bury St Edmunds

Not too long again I went along to the Suffolk Blogger meetup, I missed blogging and thought it would do me good to get out and meet people in the hope of sparking things back to life.

Which it did. Eventually.

Finding that tribe of people with similar interests made me pull the finger out of my ass and just post something, break the ice, make a move. DO THE THING. Sometimes that’s what we need.

Do I Need a Tribe?

Each tribe I’m involved in encourages me and sparks my interest in that particular thing even more. So if you’re interested in something, find a tribe to match, whether it’s online or in person. You’ll soon discover if it’s something you actually want to do, or if it was a fleeting interest. The tribe often encourages and supports you to do the thing – whether it’s making a scarf, climbing a wall or writing a blog post. That wee bit of support and shared interest will help.

You may not necessarily need a tribe but there’s often great benefit in sharing ideas, knowledge, a love of something.

Benefits of Multiple Tribes?

Aside from what I mentioned – the share interests – there’s the fact that spending time with different types of people will undoubtedly diversify your thinking. Whether it’s how to tackle a problem at work, or a creative project, chatting with lots of different types of people will expose you to different types of thinking. I really want a sign printed – “Beware the echo chamber”. I think it’s far to easy to get accustomed to your own thought patterns, or those of your close friends. We remove the ability to empathise with people with very different ideas to ourselves, we can’t understand why they’d do X,Y or Z.

If we spend time with lots of different types of folks, not only can we gain those fantastic new ideas, but we can share points of view. We can influence how we all think and understand each other much more fully. I think this is a whole discussion on its own but wanted to throw it in as a bit of food for thought.


It’s also worth noting, it’s also OK to move on to the next thing. Just because something used to interest you, doesn’t mean it always will. It’s entirely up to you. Don’t let people make you feel guilty about constantly evolving and moving onto the next thing that interests you. Some of us just work that way – in fact, pretty much everyone changes in some aspect of their lives. I’ve even written about it before in my Change is Inevitable post. Just roll with it, you never know where it might take you!

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