Seventh Generation #YesPlants

I am forever looking for products that are more environmentally friendly, from the packaging to the ingredients. If I can lessen my impact, I will. When Seventh Generation got in touch, I was more than happy to try out their products – this isn’t a sponsored ad – I was just sent various bits to try out!

Plus they’re running a great campaign – #YesPlantsCan – with conservation experts Plantlife, to call on the government to deliver on its promise to create or restore 500,000 hectares of species rich habitat by 2043. This would absorb the emissions of every registered vehicle in the UK! Definitely something that’s worth signing, don’t you think?

Seventh Generation Dish Cleaner

Back to the products of interest, first up, Natural Dish Liquid. I’m really impressed with this, it cuts through grease, all dirt and anything else I’ve thrown at it. It bubbles up really nicely and you only need a small bit to do a sink full of dishes. Perfect for us, especially as we don’t have a dishwasher!

The laundry detergent was rather surprising, I only use a small capful and it does a full load of washing. Sometimes I add a touch more if things are really grim. It does everything from mud splattered jeans to sweaty workout clothes – I do sweat a fair bit with my running and HIIT workouts, TMI? It also gets out all the chalk from my climbing sessions too. It hasn’t faded my colourful clothes more than any of my other detergents and my clothes all smell nice and fresh too. Basically, it’s a brilliant all-rounder!

Seventh Generation Fabric Cleaner

Window Cleaner

So I’ve only managed to try this on the inside of my windows and I’ll be honest, I’ve only done our bedroom window because it was so grim. The weather is clearing up though, so I will be attacking the rest of the windows soon.

Let’s just take a look at the before and after below. You can see the mould starting to make an appearance, the state of the old wood frames…well I would love to stand them down and replant them – the joys of renting, I’m not allowed to do anything. So we’re trying to maintain them as much as possible.

Either way, you can see how grim the window, window frame and windowsill were looking. Don’t they look much better afterwards? That was all done with that spray and some rags! It cleared the mouldy beginnings and dirt from the window. Just cleaning the insides made a massive difference! I’m actually looking forward to cleaning the windows!

This window cleaner also doubles up as a surface cleaner, I’ve been using it on my work tops and table. It works well.

Worth it?

Yes. I really like these products, they clean well and they’re environmentally friendly. I know we’re all on cleaning binges at the minute, which is awesome. Maybe we can find ways that aren’t quite as chemical filled? With such great eco-friendly options available, it’s worth a try, don’t you think?

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    1. They are great. I’m trying out lots of different eco-friendly options at the minute. These are great, they’re only gradually coming to the UK now.

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