Pier 39 San Francisco

I thought it might be fun to share little snippets of our trip to San Francisco, I took a small mountain of photos, so you can pretend you were there too.  One of the more famous sights has to be the Pier 39 sea lions.  I visited them twice on my trip!

There were so many, both adults and adolescents.  It often sounded like the adults were giving out to the overly excited teenagers that were jumping in and out of the water.  At least that’s what I imagined. 

There were a few adults that had clearly snuck off to a quiet spot, away from the hustle and bustle.  They lay around enjoying the sunshine and napped quite contentedly. 

I must have sat watching them for about 20minutes and I think they rolled over once.  Nice way to spend some time for both me and the sea lions. 

My second visit was with Simon a few days later.  You can see the smokey haze over the city – the fires were in full swing at this point.  

Worth a visit?

Yeah, definitely.  It’s free! Something they don’t tell you about these fun creatures.  They smell, quite a bit.  I’m quite pleased we visited in November so they weren’t quite as stinky.  They’re also very vocal!  Which I actually really enjoyed.  It made me chuckle quite a bit.  I could’ve easily sat and watched them for hours. 

When should you visit?

I was told by some that it was best to visit in the morning, we ended up visiting in the afternoon and there was still plenty of them about. It was a wee bit busy, but nothing much to worry about.  If you’re worried about crowds, do go first thing. 

Is there anything else?

Yes!  There are a few shops to potter about, a carousel and some restaurants.  We did have a wee wander around, it was actually quite chilled.  

2 thoughts on “Pier 39 San Francisco

    1. Thank you! We had a brilliant time. Definitely worth a second visit, I’m glad we finally ticked it off the bucket list 🙂

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