Change is Inevitable

Looking Over a Bridge

It happens. We change and grow as people, we change our minds, our style and our life choices. Change is the one thing that is inevitable. Is it just me, or is it much more pronounced and pressing as the seasons change? Maybe we’re just much more aware of it?

As Winter looms and we start to get ready for even chillier weather, I’ve been considering life thus far. Deep I know. I’ve always been a bit worried that I’ve never found my “true” calling in life, simply because I change careers so often, or that I flit between hobbies and interests. I’ve often attempted to figure out what was wrong with me that I couldn’t last in choosen path.

Turns out, that’s pretty normal for some of us. I recently watched a TED talk, “Why some of us don’t have one true calling” by Emile Wapnick, and had an ah-ha moment. I’m a polymath, or a renaissance, or some other word that makes it OK for me to constantly shift and change in practically all aspects of my life. I’ve since become aware of the Multi-Hyphen method – yes, I’m late to the party, still not read the book. Simply because I didn’t put the title together with my behaviour, to be honest.

Boohoo Denim Pinafore Dress | Scarf knitted by me | H&M Striped top | Clarks Boots

I was recently having chats with a friend (often how these things start), we realised that we were both quite similar in that our career paths haven’t been the most conventional. The sense of relief was rather glorious. I AM NOT ALONE! I could talk about the fact that I love the things I do, but that I often feel the need to move on. The longest career I had was working as a Software Tester.

Do you have a point?

Leaning on the bridge

Yes! So many of us are trapped by a sense of duty. For years I’ve been told to stick with it, you could work your way to the top and earn big money. This is true. I could’ve easily done this. The point is, your happiness is worth more. OK, so sometimes society reminds us that we should fit in a box and behave the way we’re expected. That we should conform to the rules and focus on what is important. I even did a video all about expectations and ignoring them.

I’ve been slowly breaking down my own expectations that have been ingrained and learning more about how I can make my own self happy, to be a more authentic me. This seems to be another logical step in the process.

So what does it all mean?

Well, it means it’s entirely fine to want to move on. Whether it’s your career, location or hobby or wardrobe – I may have picked up this cute pinafore dress from Boohoo to help ring in the seasonal changes – sometimes a change in our appearance can aid in changing our mindset, probably why I change my hair colour so often. You can check out the selection of Boohoo dresses, in case you feel the need to freshen things up!  It’s a wonderful release when you accept that it’s OK to move on.

Looking over the edge of the bridge

It reminded me of the day I decided to not finish a book that I wasn’t enjoying. I closed it and smiled. I no longer cared about seeing it through to the end. I’ve been gradually applying this same logic to the rest of my life. I will follow whatever makes me happy and accept the fact that this will forever change.

What can you do?

Maybe take the winter months to start looking inwards? Is it time to let go of those long held beliefs that you must stick to some outdated societal rules? How can you move towards making yourself happy? As the season continues to whirl and change, why not change with it? What is stopping you?

I for one feel the fear on a regular basis. Questions spin in my mind regularly “What happens if I never settle and never move up in pay grades? What happens if I can never afford to buy my own home? What happens if I do continue to change?”.  I’ve decided to accept it and trust that my own mind works in an odd fashion, has done for years – something most people that actually know me can attest to. That’s OK. I’m much happier when I go with it than spend precious hours and days fighting it.

In short.  Onwards!  How do you deal with change?  Embrace it or run away? 

2 thoughts on “Change is Inevitable

  1. I loved reading this and really enjoyed the sentiment that it’s ok to want change. I think there is a lot of emphasis on change being perceived as ‘quitting’ or giving things up, but after years of beating myself up when things didn’t stick, I’ve learned that saying no to some things usually leads to being able to say yes to better things.

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