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This little box of goodies is the Gentle Skincare Organic Beauty Box from Botanicals.   It arrived a few months ago and I dived straight in to play with everything and I’ve discovered a few new loves, so of course, I had to share!  Please note – I was sent these to test out, all opinions are my own. 

Botanicals skin care

The Gentle skincare beauty box is aimed at sensitive and problem skin – that’s my skin, I’m always nervous trying new skincare as my skin can definitely tend to overreact.  Let’s start with what is included in this box. 

  • Gentle cleanse melt (30g trial size)
  • Gentle hydrating mist (30ml trial size)
  • Radiance facial serum (10ml trial size)
  • Gentle moisturiser (10ml trial size)
  • Six organic cotton pads

So enough to investigate the various products on offer and decide what may work for your skin type.  I think we should start from the ground up, cleansing. 

Gentle Cleanse Melt

As with most melts, it’s solid when cold, then as it warms on the skin it becomes an oil.  I tested removing my makeup and it did a great job, although I preferred to use it as my second cleanse – it felt too luxurious to waste on removing makeup.  The cleanser didn’t strip my skin, there was still some bounce and life left – sometimes cleansers can remove the good things your skin needs, meaning it’s left off balance and struggling to produce the right oils again…meaning bad skin days.   

This however was a joy to us.  I took the opportunity to massage my face and really work the product into my skin.  I was rewarded with glowy, healthy looking and feeling skin.   This is one of my favourite products from the box and if you were to only try one product, try this one.  I was very sad when I finally finished this. 

Botanicals Cleansing Balm

Gentle Hydrating Mist

This product is lovely, it acts as the toner after you cleanse.  They recommend you to either spritz this directly onto your face or onto a cotton pad and then swipe all over.  A third option that I used, spray into hand, swipe hands and then press onto my face.  I struggled a wee bit with spray wastage.   So this was my compromise, I wasn’t wasting cotton rounds or product!  I still have some of this left, it’s a great trial size…I may also sometimes forget to use it when I’m tired at night. 

Radiance Facial Serum

Radiance facial serum

This was another favourite from the box.   I applied this after the toner and before the moisturiser. In the end, I used this by itself, no moisturiser needed. 

The serum doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy but does leave my skin feeling moisturised, elastic and other positive words. Basically, my skin felt like it had some bounce to it and looked good too!  If you’re looking for a second product to try out, this is it.

Gentle Moisturiser

Botanicals Hydrating Mist

This was quite a light moisturiser and although I loved the scent and texture, sadly my skin wasn’t the biggest fan.  It seemed to clog my pores which resulted in a few breakouts.  I can tie it to the moisturiser as I tested with and without, I also tested layering up with the serum and without the serum.  Regardless, it was a bit too rich for my skin and clogged it up a bit.  

Botanicals Moisturiser

This might suit you if your skin is on the drier side.  I’ve combination/oily/normal… yes that is a skin type.  Did I mention sensitive too? 

Balancing Detox Mask

A bonus extra was the mask – it’s the tiny tub with the green paste in it.  I had to mix it up a wee bit as it had separated slightly by the time I got around to using it.  The mask is a mix of green clay, avocado and jojoba.  So entirely understandable that it had separated a bit. 

Botanicals Organic Skincare WO Lids

Don’t I look pretty with my face mask on?  The answer is yes.  As you can see it has quite a thin consistency, it applies well, spreading easily over the skin.  

Detox Face Mask

My skin did feel thoroughly cleaned and in good shape afterwards. I’m a fan of clay masks for getting a good deep clean.  Even better if it soothes and plumps my skin afterwards – which this mask did!  Which means I’m a fan. 

So Which Would I Recommend?

I really liked the serum, cleansing melt and the mask.  The others were lovely, I just don’t think they’re the right products for me.  I love the fact that you can buy trial sizes of the various products, it means you don’t have to worry about forking out on an expensive product and then it doesn’t work. 

I’d recommend checking out the brand, with so many options available, they’ll definitely have something for you.  I’m all about discovering more natural, organic brands.  It’s the way forward!

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  1. I’ve tried quite a few products mentioned in this post and my favourite is definitely the Radiance Serum. Botanicals are no doubt a great brand worth checking out.

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