Monthly Reflections

The month that was…We’re truly into Autumn which is just madness frankly!  I thought it might be fun to share the highs, lows and lessons learnt.  

Financial Meltdown

Let’s start with the financial meltdown I had in the middle of the month.  That moment when you actually see that you’re not living within your means…yes there were tears and a few big walks to help me get my head straight. 

What have we done?  Spreadsheet.  I basically sat down with Simon and we figured out our combined debt and seen where all our money was going.  Now we’re able to start paying it down, we have slightly different methods – I’ve gone a bit Dave Ramsey and I’m hitting it as hard as I can. 

This means I decided to get myself a second job and try to do as many hours as I can without ending up ill, or impacting my day job.  I’ve been incredibly fortunate to land a job at Scaresville and I utterly love it.  It’s nice to do work that isn’t in front of a screen – I don’t think my eyeballs could take it.  Plus I get to meet new people and it is actually brilliant fun.  If you’ve not been, go, seriously. 

Where Was I?

What do you mean you didn’t actually ask?  Meh. So I was off traipsing about with work.  You might have guessed from the vlog – I was in Germany very briefly, I wish I’d had more time to investigate Munich!  Next time. 

Then it was off to Manchester for a week of utter madness.  I managed to clock up about 60hours, not ideal, I did survive mostly intact and even got to go for a fun climb along the way.   Although I definitely learnt a few lessons along the way. 

One thing that did come out of all this travelling about – catching the lurgy, I still have it since Germany.  I was almost clear of it, then I started work at Scaresville and now I’m also losing my voice and I’m mostly filled with snot. 

It also turns out clocking up all those hours, is not great for you.  By the end of the day on Friday, I had serious pain in my side.  I think it was the fact that I was constantly on the go more than anything.  I had a brilliant time, so didn’t really realise until the end of the week.  Note to self, look after myself and sleeeeeeeeep.  I think that’s what finally did it – late nights, super early mornings, bad mix. 

Has Anything Changed? 

Yep.  OK, I’m working two jobs, but I’m making sure I’m sleeping – even if I’m getting to bed at 12, I make sure I sleep until 7.30 and skip my walk or yoga.  Exercise is important but sleep is necessary.   

One other thing that changed – well, this is tied to all the tests I’ve had done recently.  My blood tests showed my body is actually looking healthy again – including gluten, I can now eat it, well mostly – just not overdo it.  I also have to keep an eye on my iron levels – something I knew but didn’t pay attention to, I’ve had anemia issues since I was a child, nothing too intense, just the average iron deficiency.   So hooray on that front. 

Sadly my ultrasound showed I have fibroids in my womb among other things. Yes it’s annoying, however it does explain the extra pain I’ve had and extra heavy periods.  Also my endo has covered even more of my abdomen, so ya know, all the fun!   At least I know and I can look after myself. 

I’m aiming to walk more, some days it’s more of a gentle walk, but I’m getting fresh air.  I can now walk up to 6miles a day!  Pretty awesome! It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s always satisfying when I do.  Getting quiet time for your head and to get your body moving – always time well spent.  Sometimes I’ll bring tea, sometimes I stop to take photos – that’s where I got the top photo, the sunlight was beautiful.  It’s worth keeping an eye on Instagram to see any other sights I spot. 

Better Now?

Yes thanks.  I was feeling bad for not blogging more or making more videos. Life priorities are forever shifting and lately work has been more important than blogging and youtubing.  That will likely swing back next month.  I’ve also some exciting content coming, so stay tuned.   

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