Jane Iredale Lip Colour Review

I was sent an awesome parcel a while ago from Jane Iredale, filled with sweets, shades and most importantly, lip products!

So what did I think of the lip products?  Let’s start with the PureGloss Lip Gloss in the shade Very Berry. 

Application & Wear 

It applies (and reapplies) really nicely, I very much appreciate the dip in the applicator that fits so nicely to the shape of my lips.  It wears quite well, however, as you might expect with any gloss, you do need to reapply after coffee/tea/food.  It wears off quite nicely, no balling on the lips, or patchy behaviour.  

There is a lovely colour to this gloss and it leaves a healthy gloss on my lips.  You can see the berry shade in the swatches below and you can see it on my lips further down the post.   

If you’re on the hunt for a lipgloss for Autumn/Winter this is the gloss for you!  It’s filled with lots of nourishing ingredients to help nourish and soothe your lips – definitely needed in the chillier weather.  It is on the higher end at £19.95, entirely worth it.  I’ve only a small number of lipglosses and this is going to stay in my stash.

Jane Iredale lipstick swatches
Left to Right: Very Berry, Ella, Jamie

Triple Luxe Long Lasting Lipstick

I think I should start by saying that the Triple Luxe Lipsticks have been the only lipsticks I’ve worn since receiving them.  I’m in love.  True story.

I have the shades Ella which is berry toned and Jamie which is more if a natural/nude shade.  Jamie is actually named after the Makeup Artist that I met at Jane Iredale headquarters a few months ago.   In fact, all of the lipsticks are named after women in Jane’s life which is pretty cool frankly!

I’m a fan of the lipstick packaging, it has a magnetic closure, which is very satisfying and I also don’t need to panic about the lid coming off in my bag.  The rose gold tube itself is wonderfully sturdy, so it’s not going to break anytime soon.

There are fifteen colours in the line, so you’re bound to find a colour that you love.  The retail for £24, which is on the higher end but entirely worth it.

Application & Wear

I adore how this applies.  The triple luxe lipsticks are incredibly creamy and glides across my lips, depositing the perfect amount of product to give me a fully opaque lip colour.  I don’t tend to need more than a quick swipe or two of the lipstick to get the colour I want.  You can see the colour on my lips of all the products mentioned.   

Jane Iredale Lip Swatches
Left to Right:  Very Berry, Jamie, Ella

These are mentioned as matte lipsticks on the website, but as you can see they are more of a demi-matte rather than fully matte.  Which I actually prefer to be honest.  The new formula contains Moringa Oil which soothes, softens and smooths.  Which you can really feel. I love how these wear, they stay creamy throughout the day and I can rub my lips together and feel the creaminess.  I don’t need to worry about patchiness, or balling up.  You can easily reapply without worrying about any issues.

So would I recommend?

Yes. 100% yes.  I’m guessing you figured that out from the post thus far.  I would never recommend a product I wouldn’t buy myself.  I love the lipsticks the most, so if you’re trying to figure out which to buy, start with them.  

You can check out the video below to watch application and investigate further!

Jane Iredale Lipsticks Pinterest

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