Loss of Curiosity?

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We’re delving into the oddities of my brain again. Something that has been swirling lately, is the distinct lack of curiosity that seems to be enveloping the world around us. Maybe it’s just my perception. The longer I work in the world of tech, from dev to support to tester and now digital marketing and all that means, the more I worry that we’re losing our spark of curiosity. Maybe it’s just shifting?

Too Regimented?

Through our education, we are moulded to conform. To study the subjects in a way that will get us through exams and coursework, drilled into us from early childhood until we’re starting to form as adults in our twenties. Even with some of the more creative topics, you have to tick boxes and fit a particular agenda.

Does this dull our mind and drill the curiosity out of us? It definitely has some sort of impact. We don’t seem to have the time to spend playing with the world around us and investigating, rather it’s spent learning by rote, attempting to make sense of the logic we’re supposed to apply and of course tick those boxes. I was never a big fan of school, I liked the friends I made, I just hated exams, was often scared to speak up and ask questions for fear of feeling stupid – ah those formative years when the fear of looking thick in front of our peers limits our way of working, I did get over this the older I got…at least for a brief period.

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Bad Habits?

I’ve noticed more recently when we have downtime, whether it’s waiting on a flight, train or bus, a lot of us will reach for our phones. Our phones live in our hands or within grasping distance. They have become the new book, or magazine, or even just the new staring out the window and watching the world go by. We spend our time scrolling, tweeting, updating and staring at the screen in our hands. This seems to be both a good thing and a bad thing. We can access any information in the world, we can be inspired by articles and imagery…although I do wonder if many of us spend the time looking for inspiration or information to expand our thoughts. I know I fall foul of that.

I’ve become accustomed to my patterns of behaviour. I’m spending time scrolling and tapping my way through instagram. I have made sure to at least follow a variety of accounts – some aspirational, some inspirational, some just reminding me that real life is still happening. I don’t actively seek out new people on a regular basis. I also rarely find myself searching the web for something new to shift my perspective.

Photo by Kaye Fordtography

Missed Opportunity?

While I sit in the airport, too exhausted to dig out my book or scroll through my phone – I’ve been online solidly for days due to work, so I can’t bring myself to switch on again – my mind is wandering. It’s pondering about our habits and behaviour. Digesting the information that has seeped into my brain. I spent yesterday listening to talks that were aimed at an audience of software testers, however, they covered topics that are related to our everyday habits and behaviours. I’m now wondering if I’m fulfilling my potential not just in my professional role, but as a human.

Am I making the most of my time? More importantly, do I allow myself time to make the most of myself? When I do have time to idle, do I attempt to fill it by grabbing for my phone?

After years of a regimented existence, from education to the workplace, I am definitely regimented. There are life expectations that I’ve been unpicking over the years. I have undoubtedly engaged my curiosity over the years, taken leaps of faith, tried new careers and visited countries around the world, but I still wonder if I limited myself and my activities while doing this.   Have I pushed my career limits?  Am I too scared to push harder for fear of failure?  Or pushing against the tide when needed?

Comfort Zone

I sit here pondering if I gave in to my childlike wonder while experiencing these new things?  If I allowed myself to awe and oooooo enough.  To go further.  I know fear was a limiting factor, I know I’m not alone.  Do we all worry that we are going to be judged, or fear to push our own boundaries?  Mix that with the habit of grabbing for an electronic device, there goes curiosity.

Am I the only person that thinks this?  I’m hoping I’m not alone. How do you think we can foster more curiosity and new ways of thinking?  How can we form new habits to allow our brains more space to deal with all the information we are bombarded with on a daily basis? More investigating into slow living needed I think! 

How can we get beyond our habits and experience more of life, maybe even get past our comfort zones where needed.

2 thoughts on “Loss of Curiosity?

  1. Love this! Yes, this resonates with me. Sometimes I think I am just plodding along with things because they’re in my comfort zone. Like you, I’m a big fan of yoga, which helps that brain space. Yet, even there in the silence and on the mat my mind is wandering! Helen x

  2. Loved this post. I use my phone a lot but I use it to make my life easier, I try and get tasks done while waiting at the drs or on the train so when I have free time I can use it to do something more interesting. I also use it to read articles and come across interesting topics and news and learn a lot from this kind of thing. I am also on a budget so try and enter competititons too. I still carry a notebook to sketch and write down notes and ideas. I always try and do evening courses and workshops as I like to do new things and I love creative workshops the most (calligrpahy, night photography, street art, paper marbleing, pottery etc etc). I also follow many accounts, some inspirational, some not so much, a clear out is needed every now and then. I am all for a slower pace of life. I am in such a busy area and surrounded by urbanness, noise, dirt and people I relish a more quiet place. I am constanlty stressed these day and that surely need to change. I am making steps to change the things in my life that make me unhappy but change take time. I think a healthier relationship with the mobiles is a better way forward, limit the time, turn off notifications ban it when with family and friends etc.

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