Glamping: Midweek Getaway!

Not too long ago I was basking in the peace and quiet of a beautiful yurt at Alde Garden campsite.  We stayed for two nights and it was rather wonderful, to be honest.  Yes, I took lots of photos…it was needed!

We were invited along for a midweek break, I took advantage and used it as a mini digital detox.  I did do some work, but not very much.  My stay consisted of chuckling at the feathered residents, eating tasty food, enjoying drinks and laughter with new friends in the pub and I even managed to squeeze in a craniosacral treatment.  Not bad!  OK, let’s have a bit of a nosy around the yurt we stayed in – the Barn Owl yurt.

Yoga in yurt

It was very spacious, enough space to do some yoga!  In all seriousness, it felt lovely and roomy, even with all our random stuff scattered about.

In the yurt we had a log burner – which was conjured from the scraps of metal found when clearing the site years ago.  A very handy metal worker made quite a few bits on the campsite.  Excellent use from scrap metal.   This is actually one of the themes of the campsite.  Recycle, reuse, reduce waste.

I’m not sure if our door handle was the rediscovered material, but it was definitely fabulous.  I think some metal magic work had been carried out.

Barn Owl Handle

The reuse, reduce and recycle became apparent as we wandered the campsite.  There was the hideout with its roof made from old vinyl – I’ve been told that only records lacking excellent music were used…I was too scared to look in case there was a record I would’ve loved.  It created a beautiful effect.

There was also an original gypsy caravan that had been freshened up and fixed, the interiors were so cute and quirky – again in keeping with the campsite feels.  It even had a tiny log burner!  You can have a closer nosy in the vlog at the bottom. 

There are some bell tents, another yurt and the option to bring your own tent and pitch up.  We had a look at some, although they had guests staying, so we didn’t want to intrude.   

You mentioned a pub…

Night light

Back to the fun!  On the Monday night, the Sweffling White Horse (the onsight pub) was open !  So we decided to meet some friends for a pint! Which of course turned into a few pints.  This pub is incredibly different to your run of the mill pub.  It has a real community feel to it, not in a closed, cliquey way, more of a welcoming way.  Everyone knew everyone and they were interested in getting to know new people too!  There’s also no bar, there’s a tap room.  So a bar person appears as if by magic, takes your order and disappears to retrieve it.   There’s soft lighting everywhere, a few wall lights, lots of tea lights, lots of cosy vibes.   Sadly for us, we were too early in the season to try the pies – I’ve heard they’re magnificent!   They’re only made when it’s cold enough to get the aga going.  One day…


Aside from all the hygge vibes that you get from the tea lights and the solar powered fairy lights that twinkle around the yurt in the evenings, there are other fun ways to get your cosy feels.  I thoroughly enjoyed sitting outside with a cup of tea chuckling at the ducks, geese and hens that wandered into our “garden”.  It was actually very soothing.  I even fed a few of the hens and definitely had a chuckle at the cockerel that made sure we knew he was in charge, such beautiful singing. 

The birds wander about the campsite and keep us all company at various times.  I loved that we felt secluded in our yurt and garden, we were surrounded by trees that added a lovely sense of privacy.  You have this on most parts of the campsite.  Another wonderful feature. 

secluded yurt

Another wonderful way to relax?  Have a treatment done!  There’s a yoga and treatment centre just up the road, very handy to help you chill out.  I actually went to a craniosacral practitioner and I came back after an hour thoroughly blissed out and the pain in my side was greatly reduced, it soon disappeared that evening too – it turns out there’s a disconnect between my body and my head…who knew! 


We decided to order breakfast in…OK not quite.  I ordered a local breakfast hamper which was filled with bacon, sausages, eggs, bread, local ketchup, butter and milk – all from Juniper Barn, which is just a few minutes from the campsite.  All the things you need for a good breakfast.  We did bring some of our own food, but I like to support local too, so this was a nice treat to add on. 

Juniper Barn breakfast hamper

In the background, you can see some of the communal areas – I may have got too chilled out and forgotten to take lots of photos of it but you can check out the vlog for a look.  There’s even a little shop with an honesty box.  Thank goodness – I forgot my deodorant, so I bought myself some natural deodorant to try..which I love as it turns out – review soon.


Ah yes, I should really mention more of that.  The reduce, reuse, recycle.   In the communal kitchen, you can compost your waste, there’s also a recycling point.  There are eco-toilets, which are surprisingly OK – I’m always dubious.  Turns out I’ve no need.

There is also a Jungle shower!  Sadly we weren’t there long enough to try it.  There are large black shower bags, that you fill with water, leave out in the sunshine to heat the water, then enjoy a refreshing shower in nature.  It would’ve been awesome to try it.  Instead, we used the regular shower, the water for it was also heated by the sun, just using solar panels instead.  It was so nice to have a warm shower on an eco-campsite.  I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from our ice cold showers in Cornwall yet.  One day. 

You can also see lots of upcycled things about.  Even on our yurt decking, you could see how industrial holders had been changed into seating and a table! Plus the branches that surrounded the decking. Everywhere you looked there was something that had been saved and given fresh life. 

Back to the hygge

Did I mention I am all about the hygge vibes?  Happens every Autumn.  Staying in the yurt really got all the cosy feels going.  It rained on our second night, so after dinner, we sat in our yurt, log fire going, enjoying hot chocolate with marshmallows playing hive.  I did bring in extra tea lights to help light our game.  It was glorious. 

It was so nice to have that evening with Simon, chatting and learning a new game.  I’m off with work lots for the next few weeks, so I really wanted some quality time with him.  This was perfect. 

Honestly, I could rave about the campsite for hours.  I really did fall in love with it and with the people – Marie is lovely and was incredibly helpful.  They’re currently building a cob hut, which should hopefully be open next season, it looks fantastic.  I want to build my own cob house one day, so it was inspiring to see.  You can see all that and more in the vlog below – if I included it all here, this post would be a mile long.  I also really recommend checking out the Alde Garden website if you want more information on anything.  

Would I stay again?

Yes.  In a heartbeat.  I’m trying to figure out my calendar for this time next year so we can stay for longer, possibly when all the kids are back at school.  I’m not getting paid to say any of this, I just genuinely fell in love with the place. 

Discover Glamping in Suffolk at Alde Garden Campsite

4 thoughts on “Glamping: Midweek Getaway!

  1. This place sounds like absolute heaven and I wish I had known about it before we went to a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago very near there, it would have been amazing to stay there (instead of the awful caravan holiday park). Sadly that drive down from Yorkshire was a serious ordeal in terms of how flipping long it took, and now we also have a baby there’s no way we will be attempting it again, but one day we may find ourselves located a bit further south and venture over here!
    Sounds like the perfect excuse to get away from it all, and the breakfast hamper sounds all kinds of delicious too! x

    1. One day! Tbh I’m feeling the same about Cornwall, it was magnificent but a 6hour drive is painful. I might fly next time! I can completely understand not wanting to do a massive drive again, especially with tiny human! That’s all kinds of no! It’s lush that this is an hour down the road from us. It’s so close to the coast too, I am definitely going again. Absolutely loved it. Much better than a caravan park! The breakfast hamper was amazing, proper tasty food. I forgot how good proper bacon tastes! I need to get back to the butcher instead of the shop. Hope you’re keeping well xx

    1. Aw thank you! I massively fell in love with it to be honest, definitely coming for another stay. It has such a wonderful feel to it, so nice.

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