You Don’t Have To Be Trendy

OK, I felt like that had to be said out loud.  I sometimes want to shout it a bit.  We all see it on various social platforms, the latest XYZ thing.  I get it, I most definitely have been sucked into the hype of new things in the past.  I probably will in the future.  The point?  You don’t have to.

It’s been talked about for years, the tribal need to be part of something bigger than yourself. In a way we all are. I wonder sometimes does that need to find your tribe override the need to find the right tribe. I’ve always owned a sense of my own oddities, but kept them hidden for fear of being judged – something most of us have done at some point.

I’ve talked repeatedly about figuring out my authentic self and taking ownership of myself. I’m even very much owning my otherwise “boring” hobbies. I love crafting, I love crocheting and sewing cushions – I’m getting excited about starting a top soon. I think as we get older these types of hobbies become “cool”, or maybe as we age with our peers, we see the interest in these hobbies. We know the skill required, the brain power involved and the joy of completing a project.

Recently I went along to a crafternoon. There was a room filled with women and men, working on all sorts of projects. We had knitters mixed with jewellery makers, painters and sewers, all happily chatting and sharing knowledge. I spent the hours making a cushion cover – it’s made up of multiple strips of material and I’m very proud of myself for making it – I followed up quickly with a second similar one. I rediscovered skills I’d long forgotten and discovered quite a few new ones from the wonderful people that helped me along.

It was such a great way to spend the afternoon. There was cake and tea involved too, they were an added bonus. The aim of the afternoon was not only to spend it chatting, chilling out and providing some much needed self care time, it was also to share some knowledge and to help each other out. It was a safe space to ask questions, to find a way to solve that crafting problem and learn something new. We had a knitting nurse helping on one table and quite a few sewing experts floating about. We all tried to help each other out if needed. I wasn’t the youngest in the room either which made me happy. It was a wonderful success and I can’t wait for next month’s meetup.

If I’d been worried about being trendy or my image, I might not have gone. I might have worried what would be thought of me spending time with women older than me. Ah the naiveness of youth. Now I couldn’t care less about age. I care more about the type of person you are, than the years you’ve gathered. I’d rather spend time with people I can learn from and share ideas and have similar interests to. I’d also rather spend my money on things that interested me and that I get more from.

My name is Áine and I love crocheting, knitting and making things, among other random interests. What hobbies make you happy? How do you like to spend your time? Maybe you also love devouring books? Or you’re discovering how to skate as an adult (something I’m working on).

I think the point of all this, is to make yourself happy however you see fit. As Adrienne (yoga with Adrienne) says – find what feels good. Also wear what feels good, don’t feel the pressure to fit in, try all the things and stick with whatever tickles your fancy. Either way, enjoy it all. Why not!

I’ve included a few wee snippets of this in the latest weekly vlog if you fancy a wee nosy. Either way, I’d like to know what you think.

8 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be Trendy

  1. Amen!!
    I think it is quite clear to a lot of people that I no longer care what people think of me – living in a half-built home and spending all our “spare” cash on DIY materials rather than holidays or clothes is not trendy whatsoever, but seeing my home becoming more complete and more perfectly ours around me is far more important to me.
    I also love creative things and have a list of sewing projects and arty things I want to do that is as long as a very long thing (I was going to say my arm, but I’m short and my arm isn’t that long!), and once the house is more done I am going to crack on with them, because they make me happy and I love the thrill of finishing something I did myself. These crafternoons sound fab, just wish I had one near me! xx

    1. House is definitely a priority!! It’s interesting how our mindset shifts when we let go of these things and focus on what’s more important. I’m the same as yourself. I’ve so many things I want to make and do now, it’s getting silly! Although that won’t stop me gathering ideas and doing things. It’s so good when you finish a project you’ve been working on. I can hear the “I made this” in my head each time I see it. It’s awesome! More of it…when I’ve money available 😀 . The crafternoons are awesome, they’re new and shiny and they’re going down a storm! Maybe when you’re done with the house, you can get involved in making one happen near you!

  2. When you show up and be yourself, your true authentic self, that doesn’t worry about others. It has this amazing power, because it lets other people be themselves to. Then we start making real connections, with real people 🙂 Keeping shiny and sharing yourself with others because you are awesome!

    1. I love this perspective. I think if more of us focused on being open and honest about who we are, the world would be a better place. I, of course, didn’t think about the knock-on effect of allowing the space for other people to be themselves too. So we can help each other along the way. Love this. Thank you x

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. I was always considered the “black sheep” because I didn’t care what other people thought. I had a eyebrow piercing and a motorbike and being a Indian girl none of these things were considered acceptable. However I was being true to myself. Some of my closest friends are over 60 and they are wonderful! I am far from tendy but I don’t care. I used to love knitting but have not done it in ages. I love calligraphy, reading, hand-made cards and watching Murder She Wrote!

    1. Hooray for Murder She Wrote!!! I love it. Also, hooray for being a black sheep and you doing you. It’s the only way forward I think, at least it’s the only way to stay sane.

  4. Sorry I’m binge watching/reading your content today, aren’t I! I totally agree! I think this is so true. We spend so long trying to “fit in” and then if you take a step back, you think what am I fitting in with! I will never be trendy, Dan’s name for me is Jumbles because I have no style lol! Let’s embrace our uniqueness 🙂

    Helen x

    1. Yes! It’s so important to focus on what you want and need, it can be easy to get swept up in it all. It’s good to take a wee step back and reassess it all. Hooray!

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