5 Tips to transform your bedroom

With the leaves gradually starting to turn and the air growing cooler in the evening, it’s time to turn our face towards Autumn. Time to figure out how to make our homes feel cosy, warm and most definitely snuggly.

I’ve been working on making our bedroom feel soft, warm and inviting. Perfect for curling up at night with a good book, or enjoying that morning cup of tea while still hiding under the duvet.

When we first moved in, there was lots of silver and white furnishings, a beautiful wooden floor and lots of grey accessories. You can imagine how cold it felt and not somewhere I wanted to spend any time, to be honest! A few months later and I’m delighted with the makeover results. I’ve put together my 5 tips to consider when adding your hygge vibes.


I wanted to bring the outside in, just without the mess. It adds some life to the room and softens hard, echoey edges. I’ve lots of fakes. A material vine winds itself around the end of our they, some beautiful flowers (generally the, although on this occasion I’ve added some real ones), that live on top of a wooden chest of drawers, a floral crown that I’ve attached to a hanging ornament. I did try having the odd plant dotted about but they just didn’t get enough light and were whithering until I relocated them. Do what works for you, real or fake, colourful or muted, flowers or no, do what suits. I love the wee splashes of colour they add and the breath of life they bring to the room.

Different Textures

Alongside all of our white units, we have a wooden chest of drawers. We sanded and restained this chest of drawers many years ago. I love the difference it makes. We also added a colourful rug to our bare wooden floors – not only did this add some texture, but it also helped with the echoey feel. I found a wide woven basket that lives on the wooden drawers, this is another twofer, my husband has somewhere to put his clothes when they don’t quite reach the drawers they and it adds a beautiful feel to the room.

Record print by Unruly Print

I’ve also added some pictures, a mix of big and small prints, framed and canvas. This are a great way to add some life and some personality to the room. I’m not a fan of bare white walls. You can achieve different textures in lots of different ways and it’s surprising how it can help to add some warmth to the room.

Soften Things Up

Leesa Mattress

One of the main ways you can do this? New mattress. We have a rather glorious new Leesa foam mattress, which I’m very happy about. I’ve worked with Leesa on this post and I have an amazing discount for you. We know I’m a fan of companies that think about their ethics both socially and environmentally. Leesa is a BCorp, which means the meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance. They donate mattresses to organisations that serve the homeless and at risk men, women and children. Something very dear to my heart after working for years with homeless people when I lived in Brighton.

So back to the point – not only is the mattress incredibly comfortable – trust me, after a month of testing it out, I can happily tell you that it’s blissful. I definitely credit this mattress with some of the best nights of sleep I’ve had. I was dubious before trying it out as I’ve never had a foam mattress before, I’m so glad we made the switch. If you’re in the market for a mattress, I have a £100 discount for you – just use HONESTLYAINE when you check out – even better? I’ve a handy link for you. Simple.  Did I mention the 100 days trial you get too?  If you don’t like it, you can send it back. 

Back to softening things up. Other ways to do this? I’ve added a canvas bag that lives on top of a metal storage box. Perfect to store the ironing pile – it helps to keep things tidy and it softens the look of the storage box. I’ve draped my fluffy pink dressing gown over the corner of the mirror, I’ve also hung some of my alternate hangbags on an hook on the end of our wardrobe. I made some rather snazzy striped cushions that now reside on our bed once made. I’m incredibly proud of myself for making these.

Another project I’m pleased with? I made some adjustments to a basic valence sheet I already owned for years, cutting along the corners and hemming the edges so they fit over the legs of the bed frame. Not only does it now hide the mess under the bed but it adds to that soft, flowy feel. Chuffed!

Add Colour

We’ve added the greenery, the colourful rug but there’s still lots more to do. I’ve gone with quite muted tones in our bedroom. OK the rug is a bit vibrant, but it’s on the floor and it works. Our bedsheets are all muted tones and tie in quite nicely to the silver, white and grey. The cushions I’ve already mentioned, they’re a win. I’ve also added a display plate to my bedside table, I love the look of this rather than the sterile white top.

One of the major changes to our bedroom? We repainted our bedframe. It was a basic silver with pretend painted wooden legs. It was grand but I wasn’t a fan anymore. So we sanded it down and repainted it with duck egg chalk paint*. To say I now love the bed frame would be an understatement. It feels like it should be in a vintage catalogue of some sort. Not only has the colour helped to remove some of the overly shiny feel, but the texture of the chalk paint just warms my bones. I love the feel of it, the tactile nature of it draws you to the bed. Exactly what you’d want in a bedroom I think!


We all know I’m a fan of lighting. I had a beautiful old style light in our last bedroom – you can check it out in my bedroom makeover post – it now lives in our living room and helps it feel cosy. The bedside lamps we have now are mismatched office lamps. I love the gold/brass look of the one on my side and then the contrast of the black and silver on Simon’s side. Both point towards the wall and away of the shiny beside table tops. This helps to diffuse the light, while still providing enough light to finish getting ready for bed. I have a small book light which is actually shaped like a book. This is great for when I’m in a reading mood and want to snuggle down at night with a book and not disturb Simon. One of my favourite gifts from him actually. Pick your lighting, it doesn’t have to be a perfectly matching set or a set of twinkly fairy lights, it just has to fit with the room and with you.

So those are the changes I’ve made in our bedroom at home. What tips would you share? Are you going to make any changes for Autumn? 

If you fancy more of a nosy around my bedroom, you can check out the video below, I’ve included links to any DIY vlogs I’ve posted on there too!

6 thoughts on “5 Tips to transform your bedroom

  1. Love this post! Our bedroom is a constant work in progress, though it’s gradually getting there!
    I adore the chalk paint on the bed frame, it’s far less cold.

    1. I think I’ve still some bits I’d like to change too – I’m considering painting the drawer handles with the same chalk paint, I’m very much in love with it! I’m sure you’ll get to a finish point…until you decide to make a few more changes lol. I’m sure a fan of the chalk paint, delighted I found a colour I liked!

  2. Great ideas. I think colour and lighting is so important. I want my bedroom to be a calming space with neutral colours, I really hate it right now. The bedroom is such an important space and I can’t stand being in mine. My bedroom at my mum’s house is lovely, I love being in there. I care for my mum so have to go back there a lot.

    1. I was surprised at the difference a few wee changes made. That’s a shame you’re not a fan of your bedroom, are there any wee things you can change? At least you still have the other bedroom to escape to when you’re looking after your mum.

    1. I used to be such a fan of fairy lights. Glad you found the tips useful, there’s so much we can do for very little to make things even nicer.

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