Tuesday Chats…On a Wednesday


This almost didn’t happen again this week.  The past few weeks have been buuuuusy.  Good but seriously, why do all the things decide to happen at once?  All the ebbs and flows.  Makes life interesting!  So what has been going on lately and what interesting life lessons have I skimmed from all the chaos?


First the hoglets.  We are still very much obsessed and enjoying their company in the evenings.  We officially have seven hoglets, SEVEN!  My night photography skills need improvement, or at least my editing skills, but I did manage to catch a few of them together enjoying their food.  We give them a mix of non-fishy cat food and hedgehog food pellets.


My mam came over again for a second trip and thoroughly enjoyed keeping an eye on them and trying to spot them in the falling night.  There is something wonderful about taking that time away from any screen.  It does wonders for the soul to look after a wee animal that needs your help.  I was so surprised to see them on the endangered list!  If you can, leave water out and you can always get cheap non-fishy cat food.

Enough with the Hoglets

OK, I’ll stop gushing.  Something else incredibly exciting happened.  I got a new tattoo.  It’s the Balinese Om/Aum and I have it on my left forearm facing me.  This means a lot to me.  I’ve talked about my life shifting while in Bali, I reconnected with my soul and let go of a lot of crap.  The Om/Aum is a sacred symbol for Hinduism, tied to divine creation, breathing life into the world.  It’s a constant reminder to me, to live in peace, with people, nature and god.  Yeah OK, bit woo for some, but it means a lot to me.   You can read more about it in this simple guide.

New Tattoo

Steph from Black Valley Tattoos did it for me, it only took about half an hour and it wasn’t particularly painful, to be honest.  I think Becky and myself described it as “interesting”, Becky had a wrist tattoo done the same day.  It was nice to have some company!


CakeSpeaking of Becky, I’ve been making friends.  Well, that’s kind of a lie.

I already knew Becky and Stacey.  They are the better halves of Simon’s friends.  I just decided I need to make more of an effort to get out of the house and connect with people.

Thankfully I’ve Becky and Stacey nearby!  We’re all into the same sort of things and they’re lovely to hang out with.  So I booked in the initial appointment for getting our tattoo consultation.  I may have nudged doing something again soon, so the next thing was a wee shopping trip….it involved cake!

We went to Bury St Edmonds and basically mooched about various shops, picking up a few wee things.  We had a lovely lunch at Wagamammas, I actually tried something new – lamb teriyaki – it was very tasty!

After some more mooching we stopped for cake and tea.  I had this Eton mess on shortbread and it was good!  I decided to not worry about food for the day, sometimes it’s important to ignore these things…even if they do eventually catch up with you.  Enjoy the moment and switch off.

So whats with the Cacti?

Well we were buying supplies in B&Q to do some DIY on our bedframe and I spotted them looking all cute, so I took a picture, why not! I’m working on making our bedroom cosy with some DIY projects and new additions – I’d recommend keeping up over on Instagram.  A new mattress may have already arrived, I squeaked with excitement.  I’ve given myself a month to make all the changes I want and then I’ll share them all in a post.  So far I’m really pleased with the results!! Good motivation to keep going

So these life lessons?

Well, I keep getting reminded to chill and enjoy the moment – health can be a bit of an a$$hat sometimes.  So that’s one right?  To make friends as an adult requires making an effort and reaching out – which can be both scary and oddly embarrassing asking to hang out – what is that about? We do it when we’re kids entirely fine, maybe it’s just because I feel awkward, either way, it’s entirely worth it.   I suppose like anything worth having, it’s worth making an effort.  Also, it’s grand if things slip a wee bit, just get back on the donkey…definitely not a horse, they’d move far too quickly for me at the minute!  Those are my life lessons from the last two weeks.  With the addition of a little pain can often produce something beautiful – I mean have you seen my stunning tattoo?

I’ve included both weekly vlogs down below.  Well it has been two weeks folks!  You can have a watch and catch up.

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