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Kentwell Hall ReenactmentOK, so this clearly isn’t the blogger meetup, but I’m going to warn you now, I may not have photos of the actual bloggers I met.  Just lots of the Urban Jungle that we went to for brunch.  I am clearly a pretend blogger.  Someone take my badge away.  This photo was taken on Saturday morning at Kentwell Hall after yoga in the grounds.

So this week was a bit meh.  On the wonk, however, I was proactive and booked in with the doctor.  Managed to get an appointment pretty quickly too!  I’m going to get a whole barrage of tests to figure this shiz out a bit more. Onwards.

New Hair?

Why yes, yes it is! Thank you for asking!  I decided to book in to get my roots bleached and about 6 inches off the ends – they were seriously damaged.  Once I had my roots done, I bought some fresh hair dye and as you can see I went with a rather fabulous pink with purple ends.  Simon the legend did the dye job.  He deserves husband of the year award.

So You Met Some Bloggers?

Yes I did!  Georgia from See Suffolk organised the meetup at Urban Jungle Suffolk.  I definitely got click happy, seriously how utterly awesome is this place.  It’s a cafe / garden centre / nursery.   






I may have been a tad shy and only really talked to Cassie from Cassie Fairy.  Cassie pointed out this rather great vantage point to take photos from too!  Win.

I did briefly chat Chichi too, you need to check out her beautiful style over on Instagram.   There were lots of awesome bloggers there.  I’ll hopefully meet them again at the next meetup and get to know them better.

Urban Jungle had a Summer party on at the same time – which mean lots of maker stalls.  There were a few that definitely caught my eye, from Tatty Head Crochet – seriously just look how cute they all are.  I could fill a room with them.

Or the hedgehog sign from The Little Pea Pod, which I attempted to buy but sadly the owner was only taking cash.  This might have to become a future present to myself. 

I did treat myself to a few cards and a print from Unruly Print.  I’m such a sucker for these things at the minute, I just counted them as an early birthday present.  I may have bought myself a few early birthday presents!  More on that soon! 

So What Are the Life Lessons This Week?

Back to that making an effort thing.  Entirely worth it, if you don’t go, you’ll never know!  I think I really need to work out meeting new people – I mean engaging more.  Something to practice.   Hooray for the return of full on colourful hair, I really did miss it.  Also, if you get the chance to take a picture of succulents, then you should.  I think the succulent picture helps to re-instate my blogger status surely?  I think so.

Next week’s Tuesday Chats might not happen – I’m off to Cornwall on holidays and we’re going somewhere without electric or wifi or anything!! So I’m taking a break from all the things…maybe I’ll still Instagram.  Expect lots of photos and posts when I return!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Chats | Meeting Local Bloggers

  1. If you don’t take a photo of a succulent at Urban Jungle, are you even a blogger? (Eeeap, that’s me, I’m so rubbish with my camera!) It was such a fun day and I even got one of those little knitted cacti at the end hurrah! xxx

    1. Aw I’m a tad jealous! They looked so cute, I was incredibly tempted. It was a lovely day out, definitely going to the next one!

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