Tuesday Chats| Another year older!

I’m still adjusting to the fact that I’m another year older, it’s been a few weeks, but seriously now.  Where has the year gone!

We were in Cornwall when it happened – you might have spotted that in the vlogs….what do you mean you’ve not watched the vlogs? OK fine, I’ll include them in this post – you can spot them at the bottom. 

Back to the point, I’m older!  It always feels like such a privilege to age, I remind myself that not all people get to celebrate their next birthday.  It was quite a quiet affair, we basically did some food shopping, went for a walk along the cliff tops near our campsite and had a BBQ, just myself and Simon.  Which was the point really.  Quiet, no fuss and getting to spend time with Simon without anyone else, without a computer screen filled with the latest video to watch, without our phones going off every five minutes.  In fact, that was the point of our camping trip. 

It was wonderful.  At the minute, our evenings are filled with fun things, from climbing, pilates and yoga….Simon only joins me on the climbing front.  So it was nice to have him all to myself.  I need to figure out a way of doing us to spend more quality time together. 

So what have I learnt in the last year?  That I need to move more slowly and purposefully.  Something I need to practice more.  I’m still so easily distracted by the shiny thing.  However, I’m much happier when I do and my health has reminded me of this fact.  Plus I’m generally more effective. 

I’m learning not to take my good health for granted either.  More on that later. 

I’ve had a pretty magnificent year, I’ve travelled to America for the first time – Philadelphia and I’m looking forward to visiting San Francisco in a few months.  We also got to go to Iceland!  This has been on my travel wishlist for years, we were even fortunate enough to see the Northern Lights!  It was an amazing trip.  You can read all about the amazingness in my post – I may have included lots of Northern Lights photos. 

We also moved into our cute wee house, it’s practically the same rent and we’ve more space AND A GARDEN.  I’m very happy about the garden space and having my own office.  Which I’ve turned into my half office, half yoga/meditation space.  I did a lot of de-junking of the office and it has made me happy. It was a random mission after getting back from Cornwall.  

All in, it’s been an awesome year.  A few bumps along the road but I’m feeling even more contented and although my health isn’t always great, I’m strong enough for it.  I’m also making sure I make the most of it when it is. I’m learning to let the woo out, slowly but surely and it’s rather fun.  I’m really looking forward to the year ahead and to discover when it holds.


This one has my birthday in it
Enjoying some glorious sightseeing

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Chats| Another year older!

  1. Looks like you had a fun birthday in Cornwall. I totally agree with you health wise. It has took me a step back this year so I am appreciating my good days. Let’s hope this next year is successful and healthy for us!

    1. Thank you! I think it is such an incredible thing to make it through another year and have lots of fun to balance out the hard stuff. Thanks for reading x

  2. Happy birthday my love (super late, so I hope you’re still celebrating!). I do my best to see getting older as a gift too.

    All the best for a wonderful year ahead, you deserve it. And a garden 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s never too late to say Happy Birthday. Thank you lots, here’s hoping to a wonderful year ahead for us all!

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