July Favourites 2018

OK, so this isn’t specific to July – I seem to do favourites every few months.  It’s more of a What I’m Loving Right Now sort of post.  Either way, I’m here to talk about lots of fab things that are making me very happy, they might make you happy too!

Lifestyle Favourites

I’ve been massively enjoying bouldering in recent months – you might have guessed as much from my Instagram.  It makes me so very happy.  It’s exercise I can do and not irritate my body too much at all.  Plus it’s an all body type of exercise, so it’s a good way to work all the muscles in my body, believe me when I say I get seriously sweaty when I’m doing it.

Something else that happens when I climb lots?  Blisters and bruises.  Lots of them.  My skin is getting tougher but for now, I need a way to help myself heal.  Hooray for Arnica Healing Balm from Honeybee Natural Beauty.  This balm has saved my hands repeatedly and continuing to.  My open blisters seem to heal quicker, my bruises disappear faster and my joints don’t ache nearly as much as they should.  It’s a miracle balm.  I’ve also used it to help heal my new tattoo.  So it really is magic.

Another life favourite has to be this book.  It is a beautiful graphic novel called About Betty’s Boob and it is glorious.  I was recommended this by the owner of Dark Side Comics and I’m so glad.  There is very minimal text, the story is told through the pictures and I think it moved my soul.  I went from sadness, to chuckling and more woe and finally joy.  If you can find it in a comic shop or book shop, definitely pick it up…if not, you can always search on Amazon.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There are plenty of relatable moments and it’s a great reminder that we can all adjust and move forward if we’re able.

OK, the last lifestyle favourite?  My hankies!  I actually made my own.  I bought some fat quarters from The Woolpatch, I then quartered those fat quarters and seamed the edges.  I decided to use some colourful material in the hope that it will hide the snot!  Plus I don’t need to throw away tissues that come in plastic, I’m making baby steps!  I’ve also more hankies to make.


I’ve been a bit late to the game but I’ve finally become a fan of wax melts!  I have this rather cute wax burner that I picked up at a local market. I also got a few melts as part of the kit, so if you’ve any recommendations of eco-friendly and toxic-free versions, let me know!  I’m definitely a fan.




So you may have already seen this in my last Tuesday Chat | Meeting Local Bloggers post, that I have shiny new colourful hair.  It makes me very happy, seriously, just look at that smiling face.

I’ve been using Colour Freedom for quite a while now, the Mystic Purple* has been keeping my ends purple for almost a year!  I decided I needed a bit more colour, so I went with Pink Pizazz*. I was sensible and had the hairdresser bleach my roots as well as cut about 6 inches off.  Then my excellent husband dyed my hair.  Didn’t he do an amazing job?!

For makeup, I think it’s a given really.  It’s all about Jane Iredale, I’ll not go on about them too much as I’ve already raved about the Amazing Base Foundation and the Naturally Matte Eyeshadow Kit, both are wonderful.  A new addition is the Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick, this shade is Jamie, I’ve also the shade Ella.  I’m a fan of both – expect a full review soon!


For once I have some fashion loves!  This necklace is from Claudia Made This and it was a birthday present to myself.  Isn’t it fabulous!  I mean seriously.  I love the simplicity of it, it really is wearable art.

The second fashion favourite is the Luca Vanucci dress, sadly I can’t find this beautiful linen dress online anywhere!  If you come across it, buy it.  I’ve been practically living in it since I bought it. 

As always you can check out my video below to keep up with the latest fun and get a closer look at the products.

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