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It has been a big week folks!  The hedgehog we’ve been attempting to look after has finally accepted us!  We also celebrated 4 years of marriage.  So ya know, all the big things.

Pet Hedgehog

Let’s start with the momentous hedgehog moment, shall we?  I’m incredibly pleased about this – we discovered our wee hedgehog recently, bimbling along the paths at the back of our house.  So of course, as we’re not allowed pets, we decided to help out the local wildlife!  We put out a small bowl of water to tempt it to visit and to make sure it was getting enough water.

Imagine our surprise when we went to dish up our dinner the other evening, only to discover the hedgehog in our kitchen!  I think it smelt the pizza….it was Pizza Friday! Obviously.  It decided to hide by facing the corner.  Interesting tactics.

Hedgehog In Kitchen

Simon popped on garden gloves and we brought it back outside and put out some non-fishy cat food.  As you can see it thoroughly enjoys it – so much so, that it has come back to visit and we’re now thinking of names….Suggestions on a postcard!

Why go to all this effort?  Have you seen the hedgehog?  Did you know the hedgehog population is declining?  So not only do we get to help a little hedgehog stay happy and well fed, but we also get to pretend that we have a pet.  You can learn all about how to look after your own hedgehog with this handy write up from Woodland Trust.

Wedding Anniversary

Lego BrickHeadz

So how did we spend our wedding anniversary?  We both worked.  Simon being the genius he is, he actually got me a present to open on the day – a Harry Potter brickheadz, unsurprisingly I had to build them, I now have Harry and Hedwig living on my desk.  I may have bought myself the Hermione one too, it would’ve been rude not to!

They keep me company through my working day making me smile.

Do you like the anniversary image Simon created?  It has almost become a tradition for any birthday/anniversary/season of celebration – Simon creates a ridiculous image with our heads stuck on it.







On Friday, we actually took the day off.  We went to Chelmsford and went climbing shoe shopping!  This is entirely normal, right?  After visiting a few shops, we picked our pairs as well as a balance board and TRX straps.  We will be master climbers in no time.

New Comics

I’ve been meaning to visit the comic shop Dark Side Comics, it made sense to visit while we were in the area.  I may have got over excited and bought far too many, likely because I asked the owner for recommendations and she gave me lots of awesome options.  I have already started devouring them.

We finished off the day by going bouldering to test out our new shoes!  I managed a few more projects that I’ve been working on.  This red one, I only managed at the last session for the first time, chuffed that’s getting easier each time I do it.

Bouldering Hanging From a RockWe ended the day with pizza and hedgehog mania!  All in all, a great week.  I massively appreciated spending time with Simon away from computers and screens.  We had chuckles pottering about, lots of fun climbing and generally just enjoyed each others’ company.

Sometimes it is important to take a step back and focus on the simple things in life.  To chill out and enjoy the company of the people you’re with.  To remember that the simple acts of kindness to tiny, spiked, very cute animals, is an awesome thing to do.  All of these things add up to a much happier you, to a more balanced you.  They allow you to take a deep breath and smile.  I hope you’re having an excellent week and last week had moments of joy.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Chats | Hedgehog Madness

    1. Thank you! Isn’t it cute, I’ve never seen one in real life before, so it’s all very novel. I’m leaning towards Radish Ned. Or just Ned. No idea of gender, it might be a Barbara!

  1. Aww, the hedgehog looks super cute. I don’t have any name suggestions though.. all that keeps coming to mind is Sonic, which seems a bit too on the nose. I hope he/she sticks around and keeps coming back. I don’t blame it for coming in for pizza to be honest.

    Happy anniversary by the way!

    Also.. the climbing looks super cool. Way too scary for me, but it’s cool to see anyway.

    1. So cute! We did have quite a few suggestions for sonic from our friends. I’m liking the name Radish, it was a random suggestion but I think it could work for her/she. I think that’s how we knew it had adopted us, it’s a fan of pizza. Clearly similar wavelength. Thank you! The climbing is all the fun – thankfully there are massive, thick mats to catch you when you fall. It makes me happy!

    1. Thank you! Isn’t it! We now have a tiny hedgehog family, we’ve counted 4 tiny hoglets and they are incredibly cute. We’re currently spending our evenings watching out the window for hedgehogs lol.

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