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Singers At Fair

I was recently catching up with Michelle from Life Outside London’s blog, in particular, her Wonderful Wednesday post.  I really enjoyed catching up on her life.  I have been doing monthly updates – but I’ve not done one since my May Monthly Catch Up.  So what’s my point?  Well, I’m going to start doing weekly updates!  I can tell you’re excited!  Added excitement?  Today is my husband and I’s wedding anniversary! 4 years married.

Morris Dancers


So what’s the latest I hear you cry! OK, calm down….I’m hearing all this in my head.

It’s been lots of fun around here lately.  I went to my first proper English country fair.  We have similar back in Ireland, but there were definitely differences. For starters, there were Morris Dancers!

I spent ages just watching them. We all know I’m a fan of dancing and folk music, so this was a delight.  The fair itself was great fun, although I ended up buying a few bottles of various flavoured Gin, some loose tea and plants.

There were lots stands from all the local shops and a few craft stalls.  I have my first wax burner with some wonderfully scented melts!





Punch and Judy



I really did enjoy pottering about with friends in the sunshine, having a wee chuckle the random Punch & Judy show.  There was a choir singing and stunning birds to see.  All in all, it was a day well spent. 


To be honest, the rest of the week involved lots of work.  Although my morning yoga routine definitely helped keep me sane. With the stunning mornings, I’ve been doing my yoga outside every morning.  There is something kinda magical about listening to the birds sing while having a stretch.







We’ve also been climbing a lot – you may have spotted an increase in climbing themed photos appearing on my Instagram (Michelle isn’t the only one to put in a seamless Insta link).   We’re actually going climbing shoe shopping on our wedding anniversary and comic shopping, obviously.

Sand Castle

So the end to our week?  We went to Southwold beach for the day!  We brought a picnic and everything.  There may have been some Stand Up Paddle boarding attempted and yes we both fell in plenty.  Seriously, we are not good at SUP boarding.  At least not yet anyway!

I do love being by the sea and miss it a lot now we live in the countryside.  We do have a river nearby but it’s just not quite as good as the beach.  There is something about that wide expanse, the disappearing horizon, it’s good for the soul. Plus who doesn’t love swimming in the sea when the weather is gorgeous.  I think more trips to the sea are definitely required.

Southwold Beach

Did I mention that I also got this fabulous dress?  It’s linen and lovely and I’ve basically been living in it since I bought it.  I’m sure you’ll get a closer look at it soon.

If you fancy catching up more, you can check out the vlog below.  You get to have more of a nose at what I got up to and my outdoor yoga fun.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Chats

    1. We’re hopefully going to make it to Latitude next year, it looks fantastic! Suffolk is a beautiful part of the world, I’ve only been living here for a few months and very much enjoying it.

  1. Oh yay!!! I really bloody love a good nose into the happy little moments of the lives of others!! Belated wedding anniversary wishes to you-spending it buying outdoor shoes sounds a pretty cracking shout! Look forward to more of these posts. And stick with the SUPping, it’s gets easier I promise!
    M x

    1. I hope so – I think next time we’ll get some proper sup boards, the one we played with was a mix between surfboard and sup board. It was really good fun regardless!! Thank you for the wishes, we had a great day, we even got to break in our new shoes!

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