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Everyone and their neighbour have become massively aware of the impact of plastic on the oceans and the world around us.  Hooray!  It means people are becoming much more aware of what they purchase.  I think though that how we spend our money should be much more thought out in all aspects.  Let me explain.

Day to Day Purchases

I’ve started buying our veg locally and have a veg box and fruit bag delivered from Riverford Farms.  Yes, it’s expensive, but I’m easing in, so it’s a twice-monthly thing and it’s organic veg.  It’s actually pretty cool, we’re trying new veg that we would never have picked up in the shop!  I’m aware this may not be an option for you, but maybe there’s a greengrocer nearby that you could support and still buy local fruit and veggies!  I’m aiming to eat more seasonally, so this will definitely help!  It may be a placebo but they all taste so good!

If I’m out I’ve started to bring a few bits in my handbag.  I bring my bamboo ecoffee mug with me, no waste and you’ll often get a discount when you use it! I’ll often have my Built insulated water bottle* filled with water, I love this bottle.  It keeps my cold water nice and cold! I’m not a fan of lukewarm water, particularly in the warm weather!    I’ve also recently got in the habit of putting some reusable cutlery and some metal* or bamboo straws in a spare makeup bag and throwing that in my handbag too – very handy if you grab a salad on the go or an iced drink.  Win!

Another day to day swap we’ve made?  Switching to soap instead of shower gel and liquid hand soap.  It’s actually cheaper in the long run too and less plastic!  Plus I may have discovered a local maker of fabulous soaps – Honeybee Soaps – and I’m very happy to use these instead of shower gel.  Plenty of bubbles and they smell great too!

We’ve also jumped on the bamboo toothbrush bandwagon, hands up here, I had to order these on Amazon.  One of the pains of living in the Suffolk wilds, I don’t have access to all the things I want, so I compromise on certain aspects.  This green bamboo set is perfect, they have coloured ends so we know who is using which toothbrush, it also came with a bamboo travel case!  Very handy.  I also splashed out on bamboo charcoal floss in a glass jar.  Both products work very well, I was kind of surprised at the great job the toothbrush did – after using an electric toothbrush for years I was a tad sceptical to be honest.  Definitely very pleasantly surprised. 

Something a Bit Special

I’ve been raiding etsy on a regular basis lately.  I need to stop actually, it’s getting out of control!  I have a few favourites that I need to share.  First up is Emma Inks, I’m a fan of her cards and prints.  I’m slowly building a stash of cards, although I’ve already sent some for birthdays and valentines. There’s also Dorkface, some more prints, again I’ve gathered a few, plus bookmarks, mugs and stickers you’ve likely spotted them in my vlogs.   One last etsy seller I had to mention was BuJo Jewellery.  I’m a fan of mala necklaces and I’m a fan of the one I bought.  Plus they went above and beyond to fix my broken mala necklace that I’d bought in Bali! Rockstar.  I love that I can support a small business and help someone to continue living a life they want.

I’m also a fan of The Gemstoners, I had a matching necklace and earring set that I love.  I have had quite a few compliments on them and understandably so!

Something else a bit special?  These stunning earrings from Sacet.  Or any other piece of jewellery from Sacet for that matter!  I’m a bit of a fan, the use recycled silver, ethically polished diamonds and gemstones, their packaging is eco-friendly and to top it all off, they pay their craftspeople fairly.  So not only do you feel fabulous wearing your new jewellery but you know that everything has been ethically done in the creation of the jewellery, so extra feel good vibes!

One other rather special product I had to mention – Belo.  These bags are not only stunning but have phenomenal ethics.  They provide ethical working conditions and fair wages to their amazing artisans and they recycle 8 plastic bottles and 500g of fabric that are saved from landfills to make their gorgeous accessories.   To top it all, each item sold provides 2 to 6 meals to an amazing organization, Casa De Maria, which helps feed the homeless and those in need in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Belo also produces travel accessories.  Seriously worth investigating further.

Belo Bags

Supporting Local

So I’ve covered environmentally, ethically and buying from smaller businesses, but something else worth pointing out, is if you can support your local businesses too.  For example, I buy my yarn from a small shop nearby – The Woolpatch.  He has an online shop too, so that helps cover the supporting small businesses.  Recently we’ve been doing up our garden and adding a few last touches to the house.  Yes, I bought from big well-known brands, but I also bought from our local garden centre and various home decor places locally.  I try to when possible, support them.  I try to buy my eggs from a farm down the road – although I don’t always manage it as they disappear so quickly!

We all complain about the high-street becoming the same thing with the various big brands moving in, but if we don’t support our local businesses, that will keep happening.



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