May Monthly Catch Up

Chatting with Belo
Photo by Kaye Fordtography

So May has been an awesome month.  Yes, the catch up is a bit late again…I doubt these will ever be on time, meh.  Shall we jump right in?


I finally did something I’d wanted to do for ages, I had a photoshoot!  I’ve always wanted some good stock images to have to pop into different posts and the husband was getting tired of being my personal photographer, so I decided it was time.  I had a shoot with Kaye Fordtography and managed to drag my friend Charlotte along.  Which made my life so much easier, I hate posing on my own and always feel awkward, Charlotte really helped me chill.  Plus we had lots of laughs and even some Crosstown doughnuts!  Can we just take a minute for the doughnut?  I mean really.  It was delicious.

CrossTown Doughnut

Other fun from this month?  Leestock.  It was lots of fun, it’s a wonderful music festival that raises funds for the Willow foundation in the name of Lee Dunford.  I had a lovely day in the sunshine on Saturday and the evening on Sunday.  It was such a nice day out and although I wasn’t able for all of the Sunday, I was so pleased I turned up to see Reef playing.

Reef are always fantastic to see live.   Plus I managed to snap this photo of Jack, hair in full swish!  They bring so much energy to the stage, you can’t help but sing along and get involved.  They rock.

Jack Reef

Finding Balance

This month I’ve been really trying to focus on doing fun things, after my post on Self Care I doubt you’re surprised to discover this!  From photoshoots and gigs to going for wonderful walks.  In this case, myself and Simon went walking with some friends…and some dogs.  This is Boo.  Boo loves the water.  Boo loves sticks.  This is Boo getting out of the river with a rather large stick in her mouth, in fact, it’s a bit too big. Silly doggo.  I did spend most of the walk attempting to avoid getting soaked when she had a shake and laughing at her jumping into the water.

Boo Dog

It was refreshing to step away from the computer and spend time with friends, to get some fresh air, to clear my head.  It’s definitely having a positive impact on my mental and physical health.  I can almost feel my mind unwind a bit and calm down, almost as if the constant focus on my screen leads my brain to vibrate with too much energy and a certain odd buzzing happens, clouding my head.  Getting away from my screen soothes it and allows me to gain some fresh perspective.  This is winning at life I reckon! Flowers


OK, so obviously the blog has taken a massive back seat.  If I’m honest, this is OK.  My health was a higher priority.  I simply didn’t have the energy to spend, I just about had enough steam to get my work done, the rest was spent on having fun!   I’m slowly starting to plan more posts, expect an increase and as you might expect, I’m continuing to shift towards more lifestyle based posts.  The vlogs have been one of the few things I’ve managed to produce on a regular basis.

Some blogging fun I did manage to accomplish, was going to a rather excellent Jane Iredale event.  It ties in quite nicely to be honest.  I’m trying to cut down on the nasties in my life, so a bit of clean makeup is right up my street!  I learnt there is actually quite a difference between clean makeup and natural makeup.  It was a great day out and I got to meet some blogging queens too.  You can read all about it for yourself in my post – Discovering Clean Beauty.

If you want to see what happened at Leestock, there was glitter involved.  I may have also attempted to catch Boo in slowmo…it almost worked, either way, it was amusing.

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