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I recently had the joy of spending the morning at Jane Iredale learning about their makeup line, including getting to play with some of the new lipsticks that will be released very soon.  First, back to the PR morning.  Yes, fruity breakfast was had.

Jane Iredale had one of their head makeup artists visiting, Natalie – you can check out her Instagram.  Natalie applied a few of the products to a happy volunteer and it is entirely Natalie’s fault that I now have the Naturally Matte Eyeshadow Palette!  That lady did magnificent things with the makeup, now if only I could persuade her to make me look fabulous every morning!  We were also able to quiz Natalie and it was great to get a further understanding of the Jane Iredale brand.

Applying Jane Iredale MakeupDid you know that Jane Iredale is an actual person that owns the company? It’s not only a female owned company but it’s also celebrating 25 years!  I’ve recently been investigating natural beauty, however, at this event, I’ve begun to understand the difference between natural and clean beauty.  The majority of the minerals used in the products are lab created, so they’re pesticide free and cruelty-free.   Jane Iredale describe their products as clean because ingredients that could potentially harm our skin or our health are removed, they are also mindful of the impact on the environment and community.  Win!

As my body has reminded me, I need to be much more aware of what I put on my skin, so I’m already a bit in love with the brand.  I’ve tried a lip crayon in the past, but never fully understood the ethics of the company. 

Jane Iredale Makeup StandApplying Jane Iredale Eyeshadow

As the morning progressed, we were asked to pick out products we wanted to try.  I can tell you now, the struggle was real.  As the demonstration showed us more products, I basically wanted half of the catalogue!

When we had a break, I spent far too long playing with the various products.  Yes my hand/arm was covered in swatches.

I now have a wishlist a mile long, from the Glow Time BB Cream, Enlighten Concealer and maybe the Active Light Undereye Concealer.

I also like the look of the Eye Sheers.  I may also fancy the look of the new eyebrow pencils that are for release in September and the new lipsticks to be released in August.

I love the story of the lipstick names – they’re all named after people Jane has worked with, from makeup artist to distributors.  How awesome is that!

So what did I pick?  After talking to Natalie about base products I decided the Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder was the one for me.  I wanted a natural dewy finish that would also provide some coverage.  I’m the shade natural beige.  I’m also going to have to learn how to apply this powder.

This isn’t a swirl, tap, buff sort of product.  It should be applied with a flat foundation brush and you want to apply it all in the same direction without disturbing the product.  Natalie described it quite nicely – think of mermaid/fish scales – you want them all in one direction, if you buff them on, you will disturb the minerals and they can end up looking cakey.   So I will need to resist the urge to buff on my foundation, new habits required!
Jane Iredale Goodie Bag

As mentioned I also picked the Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit, it is beautiful.  Perfect for everyday makeup, a great base product for eyelooks.  I will definitely get lots of wear out of this palette.  Again, I will have to think about the application, focusing on patting the product on, then blend.  Everything is so pigmented, so I will have to have a proper play to get my technique right for these shadows.

I was also in desperate need of a new setting spray, so after investigating and of course smelling them all.  I decided the Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray was the one for me.  It not only helps to set the minerals, it has antibacterial properties PLUS antidepressant aromatherapy!  I’ve been known to spray this on as a toner and to freshen my face throughout the day.  I’m incredibly tempted by the D2O and the Pommisst…adding to wishlist.  The D2O is supposed to be great for helping to set under the eyes.

Close Up Jane Iredale Goodie Bag

We were also given a miniature Lemongrass Love hydration spray (yes this will live in my handbag) and the HandDrink hand cream, which has SPF 15 and UVA/UVB protection!  Hooray for protecting hands while keeping them hydrated.

Jane Iredale Makeup Artist

I’ve been playing with the makeup, expect a review soon.  Life has settled again, so I’m able to actually produce content again and play with my new makeup!!

If you want to have a wee nosey at what I got up to, you can check out the vlog below.  I had an awesome time and I’m looking forward to finding out more about Jane Iredale products.

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