What I’m Loving Right Now | April

What I've Loving Right Now April

Hooray, for new loves to share and other such joyous sentiments.  I’ve been trying out new beauty products, wearing new clothes and doing new things.  So I wanted to share them with you in the hope that you might want to try some of them too! Struggling to find a way to start this.  Let’s just jump in. 


I won this Evolve Organic Beauty Daily Defence Moisture Mist from a Back To You Beauty recently and I’ve pretty much been using it constantly since it arrived.  I particularly love using it in the morning after I’ve cleansed.  It leaves my skin feeling fresh and I can almost feel it doing good things.  It leaves my skin looking and feeling better – perfect toner to start the day.  I’ve also been known to use it in the evenings and whenever my skin needs some refreshing.

Another skincare love are these boosters from Bio Extracts.  Again, I won these from Sharon at Back To You Beauty almost a year ago – between Bali and moving and sorting things…well they got lost.  Now I’ve finally sorted my beauty stash out, I’m making the most of these boosters.

Now, these are products you add to your moisturiser/cream…however, I don’t use moisturisers much, I’m more of an oil fan.  So I’ve been using these as serums!  I simply use about a pump and a half and pat it onto my face – morning and night.  I select either the Firming Boost, Glow Boost or Anti-Oxidant Boost depending on what I’m skin needs.  Although I seem to reach for the Firming Boost most.  Again, these have been gradually added and I can see the benefits.   Bio ExtractsThe last beauty favourite is the Maybelline Total Temptation mascara*, I picked this up as I was failing to find a mascara that didn’t smudge really badly along my lower lash line.  Then I found this!  I love the consistency, it’s not too wet, not to dry, it’s just right!  It does smudge the tiniest amount after a while, but not a whole pile. Maybelline Mascara


I have been wearing these earrings non-stop, they’ve become my go-to earrings.  They are amethyst from The Gemstoners.   I’ve come around to the idea of gems and the positive impact they can have, amethyst is often used to promote calm, balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience. So it’s no wonder I’ve been reaching for them constantly! Plus they’re fabulous.

Gemstoners Earring

A few more recent additions, this stunning Khaki Quilted Tote Bag from Next, which has become my go-to.  It fits everything! from my laptop to random bits of shopping.  It’s just great.  I’ve also been wearing my Black Pearl Long Shawl Wrap Cardigan with everything.  It’s just a perfect cardigan to pull on when leaving the house – or just mooching about the house! Fashion Favourites


I may have bought myself one of the new 9.7 iPads and apple pencil.  It’s love.  Seriously.  I’ve been gradually shifting how I work and use bits.  I’ve been particularly loving the Paper App and Evernote.  I’ve been sketching and playing on Paper a lot.  I’m trying to decide if I’ll be able to use it as a bullet journal too…I’m not sure, maybe my Evernote will take this one.  Or I just stick to my notebook.  Either way, I’ve been loving it! I now see the fuss.  I’ve got a Finite Apple Pencil Holder and Finite iPad Case to keep everything safe. ipad PaperI’ve said before I tend to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when out walking, these have been outstanding and got me out walking even more!  Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine* by Gail Honeyman is simply magnificent.  It was a wee bit of a slow start but it grew on me and I found myself listening to it all of the time, from my walks to pottering about the house.  It’s just brilliant, go read it or listen to it now.

A podcast that I found on audible for free and again I thoroughly enjoyed – West Cork.  It’s a true crime podcast all about a murder that took place in West Cork (the name gave that one away right?).  I’m still trying to decide if he did it or not.  Definitely worth a listen.

Audible FavouritesThe last thing I’m loving is The Cornshed Sisters record – Tell Tales*.  It’s a folksy feel but with rather interesting lyrics.  Generally I’ve just been loving listening to records again.  I’ve been putting a record on and reading a magazine – I’ve accumulated a ridiculous amount of magazines that I’ve only half read.  So it’s perfect, I put a record on and have a read – I’ve also a backlog of books I’m working my way through.

Cornshed Sisters Record PlayerSo those are all of the things that have been making me happy.  What have you been enjoying lately?  Is there anything you’d recommend?  Let me know!

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  1. That mascara is a holy grail item for a reason!!
    And nice selection of things to love, I can see (through reading) the passion you have for each item!

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