March Monthly Catch Up!

Honestly Aine Sitting on The BedIt’s been a while again.  I’m seriously struggling to find my rhythm this year, well since the end of last year.   However, I am determined to figure this out…for now, let’s catch up on what’s been happening over the last few weeks!  I’ve been to Brighton with work, Somerset to see a friend and I finally had my hair redone!

Week One

Let’s touch lightly on work.  It’s been incredibly busy, I was working  #TestBash Brighton software testing conference.  It was immense fun but as you might expect – I was ding dust.  At one point Twitter tried to lock me out of their account due to suspicious behaviour – it thought I was a robot!  Lots of retweeting, tweeting and constant updates happening as I was live tweeting the event.  It made us all laugh a bit as I frantically unlocked the account to prove I was human!  I was flat out for about a week and a half!  Thankfully I did manage to fit in a day to chill.

On my day off, I spent time lounging in bed, finally reading some interesting magazines I’d picked up the week previous.  I managed to read a little of each – In The Moment, Womankind, Breathe and Happinez.  Have you read any of them?  I do enjoy articles that engage my brain and spark new ideas or a new perspective on a topic I’d long since already convinced myself of.

Later that day I did go for a wander along the seafront and may have frozen my rear off.  Brighton actually had snow!  I have a photo to prove it.  I’m still in love with the seafront, it’s one thing I truly miss about living here.    Snowy Brighton
Burnt Out Pier Brighton

Week Two

Once I finished up work, I got on the train to Somerset for a few days.  I popped down to see Joe and of course Meg (the most excellent dog ever).  We spent a few days going for big walks, chatting lots and sorting things.  Walking Boots

I adore the views around his neck of the woods.  Joe is even more rural than we are and he’s surrounded by wonderful scenic walks.  I definitely got all my steps in while staying, plus the added bonus of plenty of hills.  All of the outdoors definitely did help my head recover a bit from the mayhem of Brighton, plus it was so good to catch up with Joe, I’d not seen him since just after we’d returned from Bali.

How do you de-fuzz after a hectic week or two?  Hiding from the world?  Seeing friends?  Or do you just carry on regardless? Walking The Dog
Shadowy Tree

Week Three

I made it back from Somerset late on Sunday – lots of napping on the train while I was crocheting, thankfully no drooling and I didn’t drop any stitches!  Go team!

Back to the matter at hand, I finally got my hair back in order.  I’d left my hair as long as I could in a bid to help it heal.  It took a bit of a battering the last time and I was a tad nervous about getting it done again.  There is something upsetting about your hairbrush being covered in a thick mess of broken hair that is incredibly disheartening.  I did some research on the various hairdressers within half hour of where I live found one with a flair for colourful hair literally a few minutes walk from my house!  I’d booked my appointment weeks before with M Hair and Beauty, so I was more than a bit excited to finally sit in the chair to begin the process.

It turns out my hair was in need of serious sorting. It took all day, I arrived about 10am and I didn’t leave the chair until almost 6pm!   Amy used copious amount of Olaplex while living the colour in a bid to save my hair and keep it strong.  It did take two attempts for the dye to take.  Sadly after one wash, the colour has faded a bit already.  Damn my damaged hair.   I will just have to have it touched up again before I go for my photoshoot in a few weeks – more on that later.

Isn’t it fab though?  I feel much more like myself again.  Like I’m back in my own skin.  That I’ve colour in my life again.  Isn’t it funny how we view ourselves?  The impact it can have.  I felt like I was missing my sparkle without my bright colourful locks.  Now my sparkle is making a comeback!  Silver Purple Hair DyeThat’s the whole craic!  I’ve done a bit of a vlog on what’s been going on if you fancy a watch – it has music and everything!  As always, I tend to post there before I post here, I just find videos easier – I’d recommend subscribing to my YouTube channel – plus it gives all the warm and fuzzies.

4 thoughts on “March Monthly Catch Up!

  1. The blonde and colour looks so amazing on you! Shame it’s hard to maintain but hopefully your new place can take good care of it.
    Somerset is so beautiful isn’t it? That could be any of the lanes around where I grew up. Whereabouts does Joe live? X

    1. I think I just have to find the right hair products to stop it going brassy, then I’ll be happy, I’m getting closer! Somerset is stunning, the nearest town is Wellington – he’s about 20/30 minutes from it. I just love walking Meg out in the lanes and across the county, it’s good for the soul.

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