John Lewis Poolside Residence!

Sunnylife Poolside EntranceIt has been a while since I’ve been along to a blogging event.  So when an email landed from Talented Talkers inviting me to the lush John Lewis Sunnylife event, well I almost took their arm off in excitement!

Between travelling, work and moving, blogging life came to a halt and I was keen to stretch my social wings.  Working from home will do that to a person!  I really need to reconnect with my blogging tribe!  Enough of that, what went on at the event?

Hello & WelcomeHidden Crab

I was greeted by various members of the Talented Talkers team, lovely as always.  It was nice to see Erica, it’s been a while!  Once my bag was safely stowed away, I joined the fun The Residence room in John Lewis Oxford Street store had been given a serious makeover.  All the summer pool party vibes.  I mean do I not look like I’m living my best life?!

Foaming Tan

There were lots of cocktails floating about.  I may have tried one of each.  The rose vodka one being my favourite.  There were also nibbles, but I’m trying really hard to be as gluten free as possible (hooray for odd insides…seriously), so I only tried the halloumi, tomatoes and black olives.  It was nom, obvious really.   Big thank you to Comptoir Libanais for such nibbles and drinks.

Sunnylife Collage

Why were we there?

Well, John Lewis was launching it’s latest Residence Room – Poolside, stuffed with all sorts of fabulous goodies from Sunnylife to bring you all the Australian summer vibes.  There were inflatables, candles, summer games, clothes, everything…well all sorts to keep you happy this summer and the room is open to the public from the 21st April until the 12th May!  There’ll even be a DJ on Saturday evenings.

I was a fan of the mirror above the pool – I thought it really looked like I could’ve been floating on the pool.  It was such a chuckle attempting to get the photos and we all looked incredibly graceful getting onto the various inflatables!  Just think of the selfies people!

Posing on An Inflatable

A Goodie Bag you say?

As you might expect, we were given a bag with lots of summer essentials.  A watermelon pool float – that will come with me to the beach, a cocktail shaker filled with lots of cocktail accessories AND it has lots of cocktail recipes on the side!  Guess what my weekend plans are?

John Lewis Goodie BagLiving Proof Dry Shampoo

We also received a beautiful box with tanning products from Vita Liberata – I may actually try some self-tanning, it looks like I should be able to manage it without it resulting in me looking like a streaky oompa loompa….we’ll see.  Plus a much needed bottle of Dry Shampoo from Living Proof, I’ve used this in the past and I’m a fan!

Vita Liberata

Worth the trip?

Yes!  I got to meet people I only know on Twitter – looking at you Claire – and meet some new folks, Kirsty and Franny.  It was a really fun evening to be honest.  I need to get out to these sorts of things more – it’s so easy to fall in the habit of saying no, however that is going to change!

Girls Laughing

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