Sleek Enchanted Forest Eye Look

I’m a wee bit in love with this Sleek Enchanted Forest* palette.  I lusted after it for months, so it was about time I owned it!   I created this eyelook using only the shades from the palette and an eyeliner from Glo & ray.  It’s wonderfully colourful, perfect to jazz up a simple black outfit!

I’m always drawn to more colourful looks when I’m playing with palettes.  I know it’s not necessarily for everyone, but I’d happily go out with these sort of looks.  I mean popping to the shops or just going for a coffee.  This might be more of a night out look for some.

I didn’t always use to be comfortable doing that.  I was forever thinking that people were staring at me because I looked crazy.  I decided one day to flip it.  People looked because I look fabulous and if they don’t like what I’m wearing, well that’s their problem, not mine!   Of course, I still have moments where I’m not entirely sure of myself, but the more I practice, the less that happens!  Life is short, wear all the colours if you want to!

I love this palette.  The pigmentation is stunning and a great selection of complimentary colours.  As with all Sleek palettes, the eyeshadows are easy to work with and a joy to use.

If you’d like to see how I created this look, you can check out the tutorial video below.   One of these days I’ll remember to take photos as I go, I tend to get swept up in what I’m doing and before I know it, I’ve finished the look!  At least I remember to record it!  Go team!

If you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel – you’ll find vlogs over there as well as the videos shared on here.  I tend to get videos up before blogposts.


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