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Bujo monthly SpreadI’ve talked about my Bullet Journal before.  It’s very much all about function above form, I use my bullet journal for work, life and blog/youtube.  Also, I’m not particularly wonderful at making it pretty, or maybe I just don’t spend the time practising? Who knows?  Either way, I need a very functional bullet journal.

Monthly Spread

So let’s start with my monthly spread.  The left hasn’t changed since my September Plan With Me, it’s just a list of date/days down the centre.  This works really well for me, so I keep it.  I did get rid of my monthly goals – which was part stat tracker and part to do list.  I wasn’t maintaining it and when I was, it just depressed me.  So I’ve swapped it to something more useful – a budget tracker! What’s coming in and what’s going out.  One of my goals this year is to be debt free, so this is working really well for me, less panic involved and much better financial tracking.

Monthly/Weekly Extras

I still have a Youtube/Blog ideas, however now it’s weekly rather than monthly. Sometimes fortnightly.  It helps me keep a track of what’s coming up when and my ideas aren’t getting lost – I have a wee notebook I use for jotting things down, or they end up in my Evernote, then I transfer them to this.

A new weekly/monthly page is Daily Tasks.  This is more about managing client work and a way of dealing with my woeful memory!  I have certain tasks I have to do every day, whether it’s spending time on social or ticking off some SEO work. If I have a list, I can pop it through to whichever day needs that work!  I use a different colour for each client – this colour translates to the weekly spread and daily list.  Hooray for finding something that works for my brain.

Bujo Daily List Angle Bujo Ideas Daily Tasks

Weekly Spread

For a very long time, I was using vertical boxes for my weekly spread, with trackers for exercise, water and daily card.  Now I keep a track of my exercise and water on my Fitbit and I’ve a separate notebook for my tarot cards.  So I no longer needed those trackers.  I also struggled to make notes on the vertical boxes, so it only made sense to swap to horizontal – so pleased I did! I kept the remember for next week box (I mentioned my bad memory) and I made a big to do – this works for those tasks you know you need to do in the week but you’re not sure when.  So again, just so I don’t forget, I make a note of it.

You can see each client has its own colour – client one has a few tasks that must happen on certain days, so I note them and I can tick them off when they’re sorted.

Bujo Weekly SpreadBujo Weekly Close Up

Daily Spread

Not much to say, I just make a to-do list the night before – I used the colour I need for each client, so I know I’ve done the necessary work.  Bujo Daily SpreadThat’s it!  Pretty simple but it works really well for me – well it must if I’m still using one over 6 months later. Win!  You can check out the video below if you want to see it all put together, I know some people find it a bit therapeutic, I do anyway.

March Bujo Pinterest

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