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I actually have my own office at home! This is a big thing for me, I’ve wanted my own office for the longest time.  I’ve been working for myself for over a year now, so this is a bit of a nice wee reward. I thought it might be nice to show you around, I’ve rearranged it a few times and I’m happy with it!

Office Desk

Let’s start with the desk – unsurprisingly it’s from Ikea!  The table top is Linnmon, legs are Hilver with add on Alex drawers on top!  While we’re on the Ikea train, I also got the lamp from Kvart lamp.  Beside my desk I’ve an Alex Drawer Unit that holds everything from my stationery to my chargers.  I’m enjoying how my desk is set up, a few knick knacks to keep me smiling, I framed one of my photos from Bali, beside a picture of my friend & I grinning.  Add in random erasers, a few candles, my tarot corner and I’m a happy girl!  Well mostly.

I also went and got myself a second screen, I didn’t realise how much I missed having a second screen. I have a snazzy 24″ Samsung monitor*, I’m still playing with the colour settings, but generally I’m pretty happy with it.  Of course, with a second screen, I had to get myself a new wireless keyboard and mouse*, something else I didn’t realise I missed!

Screen Close Up

My pinboard survived the move from Brighton, although it’s definitely looking scruffy, I see a paint job in it’s future.  Again, I have wee motivational quotes or mementos that make me smile, plus my MoT Charity calendar for 2018, yoga workout list and a few business reminders.  Simon made me a Hogwarts acceptance letter, which is framed and lives above my monitor!

I’ve been gradually creating a picture wall, I’m rather pleased with it so far.  The print on the left is the wolf in the city – called This Is My Town* from Photowall (I was sent this for review, however all opinions are my own).  I love the bold colours, plus it’s something I was able to put together on my own.  It did take me hours to pick out and I’m considering getting another one to put above our bed as I’ve a wee discount code!  You can get 20% off your order until the 10th March using the code HonestlyAineCampaign2018. Pretty snazzy pants.

I got this print from Killing Tree last year and I’m still very much in love with it.  It’s called the Spirit and Wisdom print. I put it in a clear frame from Hobby craft, but seriously considering getting it framed in a black frame.  I’ve two awesome prints from Dork Face, the Our Dreams Become Stars print and the second print that I’ve layered over some craft paper.  Aren’t they purdy?!  The last canvas I have was a gift from my mam, from Brighton and it makes me smile.

Office Storage

I’m more than a little bit in love with this storage. It’s the BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, another Ikea gem. I’ve somewhere to keep my magazines in the little shelves at the top and four touch to open drawers. On top I keep my nail polishes in the clear top box that Simon made me, plus more boxes – which contain more chargers and camera bits and magazines I’m currently reading. I’ve even some more candles…OK they are some from Hallowe’en but I like them, so that’s the important bit!  Also a sweet photo of myself and the husband on our wedding day.  Let’s not forget my Harry Potter mug – I picked it up at Oliver’s Brighton.

 BESTÅ TV bench with drawers

In the top two drawers I keep a whole heap of spare and old notebooks (I keep the old ones that have useful info in them), on the right I keep props for photos and fairy lights and other bloggy stuff.  Below that I’ve a WHOLE BEAUTY DRAWER.  So I’ve hair dyes, oils, face masks, random skin care to test and nail stuff.  It’s so nice having the spare stuff all in one drawer.  Also a first for me.   The other drawer has just memory things for me.

Nail Skin Drawer

Time for some last things, I now own a printer, it made me feel such a grown up to print off my tax returns.  Adult behaviour right there.   I’ve not owned a printer since uni.  We went with the HP OfficeJet 3835 All-in-One Wi-Fi Printer*, so cool. One corner that needs some better organisation is my bloggy corner, I keep my box lights, backgrounds, tripods and other random related things.  Plus an old table that I picked up from Argos, it’s the Carly Office Desk*.  It was a bit small as an office desk, but very handy for photos and bits.

Blog Corner

The last and most awesome thing of all, my Gryffindor dressing gown, which is short so I call it my smoking jacket.  It has the Gryffindor coat of arms on the pocket and on the back and it’s got the checked hood and a golden snitch on the pocket.  You should check out the video below to have a proper nosy.  It’s was a Christmas present from Simon.  Genius.

So now you’ve seen inside my very own office.  Isn’t it snazzy?  I’m so delighted with it.  You can have a closer look at everyone in the video down below.  Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel subscribe to keep up with all the videos.

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