6 Month Skincare Update & Review

Hooray a new post – first of the year in fact.  It’s nice to slowly get back into it.  Today I’m back with a big skincare update, I’ve been trying out lots of different products in the last 6 months and I thought it about time I actually reviewed them for you.  Yes I know, why not individual reviews?  Well because I thought it best just to give it all in one go, mix it up a bit ya know?!


Let’s start with the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel*.  I tend to use this to remove my makeup – applying it to a dry face.  It goes from a gel consistency to an oil and does a wonderful job at breaking down all makeup. I use a damp face cloth to remove it. I think as a makeup remover, it works very well, however as a day to day cleanser, not so much.  I even tried it as a second cleanse and again it just didn’t work as well and often cause congestion.  Not ideal.  So yay for makeup remover, nay for normal cleansing.  The Green Tea & Tamarind Facial Cleanser from Sensatia Botanicals is just fabulous as my daily cleanser. I picked this up in Bali – along with a few other bits from their line, you can check out my Bali Skincare Haul for a proper nosy.

Back to the cleanser.  This is gentle enough to use morning and night and always leaves my face feeling clean and not dry.  It’s a soapless cleanser, but still foams up a small amount, which I enjoy.  It is without doubt, one of my favourite cleansers and I would recommend picking it up if you’re skin is prone to breakouts.


I’ve been using these Pixi Glow Peel Pads* for a few months, I don’t tend to use these often, generally once a week.  I use them just to help unblock any clogged pores and to lift the dead skin.  They do exactly that.  They brighten my skin and leave it smooth again, ready to take on the work.  I find that more than enough for my skin and I feel the benefit each time I use them.  I know I should use them daily, but I don’t think my skin needs it.

Oils & Eye Creams

I’ve a tiny sample of the Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil* which is aimed at dry or extra dry skin.  Not something I normally suffer with.  However, I do tend to use a few drops of this after using a deep cleansing face mask, or if the weather is particularly harsh.  A few drops of this before I go to bed and my skin is wonderfully soft in the morning.  It is something I’m considering treating myself to in the future.

The Samaya Kapha Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil is just wonderful.  I adore the scent of this – the great thing is that there is a Dosha for everyone.  Samaya skincare is all about balance and taking a holistic approach to your skincare.  When I investigated their skincare at a blogger event last year, I fell in love with the earthy scent from the Kapha line.  I was not disappointed with the oil and I’m a bit gutted that it’s almost gone.  I have been using this at night time, while in Bali this was the only product I used at night, it was more than enough.  I tend to layer it under my moisturiser now I’m back in England.  This leaves my skin feeling hydrated, smooth and with a bit more bounce in it.  I’ve been saving it for this post, so I very much miss it.  It will be going on a wish list for future.  Samaya skincare is worth investigating and finding a product to suit your needs.

Now for eye creams! I found the Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream* while clearing out my skincare drawers, so thought I’d try it out.  Turns out I’m not that bothered by it.  I didn’t really notice any difference.  Bit meh.  As for the NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy, I was blown away to be honest.  I noticed a difference in a few days.  The smoothing and de-puffing and general look, it’s my favourite eye cream that I’ve ever used to be honest!  It’s expensive and I can understand why.  I was fortunate enough to have been given this is a goodie bag from Eudelo when I went along to a book launch a few months ago.  It is going on a my replace list – thankfully I still have some left.  It’s just fabulous.  I cannot recommend it enough.


From Elizabeth Grant I have the Vitamin C all day creme, sadly I can’t find this particular cream and as it’s a Canadian based skincare line, I’m struggling to find a UK supplier, however this is a similar product from the Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C line.  This is a wonderfully light moisturiser that really does hydrate the skin without clogging it up.  If I could buy it again, I would.  Sadly I’m going to have to content myself with using up the last of what I have.

I’ve two products from Green Angel, one of which I adore. The Seaweed & Collagen Face Cream is lovely, but I find it a bit much for my face, it might work better if you’ve dry skin.  It’s lovely but it clogged my face.  The Seaweed Daily Moisture Face Cream however, is just magnificent.  It is perfect for this chilly, harsh, winter weather that is hanging about.  Again I noticed a difference within days, my skin feels so soft to the touch and so smooth.  My husband has even started using it as he really suffers from dry skin patches, so he layers this on top of his regular moisturiser and the patches are disappearing – well when he actually remembers to apply it!  You only need a small amount of this – something I have to remind my husband of – it spreads really nicely and sinks in quickly.  It doesn’t clog up my pores, it doesn’t cause irritation, it’s just fabulous.  I will be repurchasing once I run out.  I’m so glad I picked this up on a whim in the airport!  Favourite random purchase!

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