Weight Loss Journey Update

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So it’s been almost two months since we had a bit of an update!  This is all about both my mental and physical health, you can read the first post here – Strong Body, Strong Mind.  So how have I got on?  Well progress has been made thankfully! Although it’s slow going – they do say as you get older it gets harder – true story as it goes! I’m 36 though, so still able to shift it…well I hope!

Weight loss

I have managed to lose 4 pounds, which isn’t huge amounts but it’s definitely a start.  I did have a few weeks of great progress – I was doing cardio and eating well. Then I had multiple conferences and my eating was all over the shop – although still relatively healthy, though the odd sweet food definitely snuck in.  I’m still struggling a bit with living arrangements – I’m very happy with the people we live with, it’s more that I’m so used to having my mornings to myself and being able to work out – I don’t have that at the minute, I did for a wee bit while they were off enjoying a lovely holiday.  Not so much now.  Hopefully we’ll be moving into our own house soon, so I’ll get my mornings back!  Throw in that I’ll have control over what food comes into the house – if I have snacks on hand, I will eat them, there’s only so much willpower – so I just won’t buy them.  I know, these are excuses, I am still making changes, I’m walking still and doing yoga regularly – even when travelling I’m managing to do some yoga in my hotel room and I make sure I get out for walks in any city I visit.

So I am slowly getting fitter and slowly losing weight.  Slow and steady.

Mental Health

I went along to an Art of Living taster session which focused on  meditation and breathing – it highlighted that I had stopped breathing quite as deeply as I should.  So this was the kick I needed to get back in the habit of meditating.  I was doing it practically every day, but then suddenly I was too busy…this is the wrong kind of thinking.  When I’m busy it’s more important to take a few minute to allow my brain time to defuzz and calm down.  So I’m doing it more regularly again and I’m better able to deal with the stress – something that was tested lately with the multiple conferences I was working on minimal sleep! I didn’t lose my mind and was generally pretty positive!


Stop making excuses and just start sorting out my diet again.  Time to get a grip!   I’m very much looking forward to having our own space again, I’ll have no excuses – I can avoid snackage a bit easier plus I won’t mind making myself a sweaty mess in the living room if it’s just me home!   For now I will keep going for a walk and doing yoga and pilates at home when it’s quiet. I’ve still 10 pounds to lose and I want to see more of a difference in the next update!

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