Vlog | September Snippets

September Snippets

I’ve decided to start putting together monthly round up videos.  Life has become so busy and I’m not living the crazy lifestyle!  I’m still playing at the good life in the countryside, for which my mental health thanks me!  We also got to pop down to Brighton for the day, I may have gone off wandering.

So you get a sneak peek at what I’m generally up to…ok bit of a guilty admission here, I’m really out of practice with vlogging, so it’s all a wee bit random, it’s where I got the idea to do it as a monthly snippets!  This is me touching base and having the chats.  Be warned you will get to see my sweaty face!  Life is gradually getting into the swing of things, I’m pretty much adjusted to life in the country! I’ve even got my own walking boots!  Check me out!


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