October Favourites! Beauty & Life

I’m back with shiny new favourites, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!  I’ve some new and old..I feel like I should have something borrowed and blue too.  Shall we start with the beauty first?  Yes I think so.

Beauty Favourites

I am very much in love with this eyeshadow palette from MUA, it’s the Fire Vixen 15 shadow palette* and it is fabulous.  There are so many different looks you can create using this palette.  I’ve taken it with me when I’ve been away a few times recently and it has been very handy.  All the shadows are nicely pigmented, blend well and last well.  Plus it’s an absolute bargain at £5! Definitely recommend trying it out for yourself.

I’ve talked about the GOSH X-Ceptional Wear foundation in this review post, it’s another high street bargain.  It is so easy to work with and provides medium coverage with a nice glowy finish. It doesn’t cause any irritation and it wears quite well but it won’t last a super long day.  You can see before and after in the review post.

Two old but much loved products, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain* in Honey and a Jordana balm in an unknown colour – everything has worn off the container.  These are so comfortable to wear, especially now the weather is getting colder, give me all the comfortable lip products!  You can reapply without a mirror and without worrying that it will end up all over your face!

Another new addition is the Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette*, I reach for it every time I apply my makeup!  It’s wonderfully pigmented and adds a beautiful glow to my skin.  I like that I’ve three highlighters on hand, perfect for travel – the packaging is slim, sturdy and has a mirror the full width of the palette.  Sorted.Back to lip favourites, a colour combo I’ve been thoroughly enjoying is the Flormar Waterproof lipliner in 229 and L’Oreal Mega Gloss in Protest Queen.  The combination gives me a nice pinky nude with a touch of glossiness.  It works will with a number of different looks.  Sadly my lips have not been particularly enjoying the change in weather and I was experiencing chapped lips.  I had a rummage and discovered this small size Dr Lipp lip balm.  It rocks.  I apply this last thing at night and I can still feel it in the morning.  My lips are definitely a fan and are recovering well! 

Lifestyle Favourites

Something that is a sort of a beauty / sort of a lifestyle favourite, is this excellent Sonic Chic Deluxe Toothbrush*.  This rocks.  I’ve been travelling about a lot lately and one of my pet peeves is travelling with my normal electric toothbrush as I can’t get a head cover for it and it takes up too much space.  This however, is smaller, slim and the cover clicks closed – so you know your toothbrush head will remain fluff free!  Plus you just pull the bottom section down and you’ll find a usb charge point!  I can do it straight from my mac, or any of my other chargers.  No need to bring adapters for it while travelling!  You’ve no idea how happy this toothbrush has made me.  I should point out that it also does a great job of cleaning my teeth and  holds charge very well, I’ve not charged it once in the week I’ve been using it – it came charged.

The last favourite is a bit of a two-fer.  My JVC bluetooth headphones* have made my life so much easier.  I can now happily listen to my audiobooks on my phone without concern over cables getting caught!  They’ve been a revelation.  I have more comfort when I go out walking, when I’m travelling, when I’m just at home and want to listen to my books while also pottering.  So much better than wired headphones.  I’ve been listening to so many more books because of these headphones.

As a bonus – my favourite recent audiobook in recent months?  Keeper of Lost Things* by Ruth Hogan.  It is a very well written book that warms and soothes the soul.  Ruth does a wonderful job of telling the various life stories that weave together seamlessly. It all main narrative flows very well, with the story itself being quite simple, it could easily have been woefully told, but this is definitely not the case.  I wholeheartedly recommend it, it’s a feel good, while still making you think.  It reflects on how our lives are all intermingled and how little actions have ripples, maybe we all have a story to tell.

So those are my favourites for the past few months.  Of course you can check out the video below if you want a closer look at anything as well as swatches of the lip products.  If you fancy subscribing to my YouTube channel that would be awesome!

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